Be more attractive despite your appearance.

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Be more attractive despite your appearance.

All the 9 suggestions below move beyond simply ‘being nice’. Niceness, kindness are the bare minimum required for being a good human in general. These suggestions are things you should do for yourself. The overall effect they’ll have on your happiness and outlook will then spread to other areas of your life, including relationships. Number 7 in particular is probably the most important.

So here are 9 ways to make yourself more attractive that have nothing to do with your appearance. By making yourself a better person, and therefore a more attractive person in the process. We all can change and improve on ourselves.

1. Learn to be decisive

Decide. Stop saying ‘I don’t care’, I don’t know’, ‘What do you feel like doing?’ Obviously you should remain open to and respectful of other suggestions, but knowing what you want can be really attractive. Confidence is sexy.

2. Know your strong points

Find attractive qualities in yourself, your strong points. We could tell you to be funny but if that were not your forte then that would be ill advice, as you could come across as lame when trying to be funny. Maybe being a genuine, trustworthy person is your thing.

Maybe you are shy and find it hard to be talkative, making you less attractive when you force it since the discomfort would always show. Maybe being mysterious and a person of few words would be your thing.

Find your ‘thing’ or forte once you are comfortable you’re confident.

3.Have hobby or a skill

Developing an interesting skill or hobby speaks well of you in a few ways: One, the skill or hobby itself gives you character; and two, the fact that you actually took the time to learn it shows that you’re a go-getter. Have you always wanted to learn an instrument? Take lessons or start teaching yourself. Hit YouTube for some tutorials. You don’t have to do it for the purpose of reeling in the ladies or menfolk, do it for yourself.

4. Smell Good

Never underestimate the value of good personal hygiene

5. Be attentive

Listen and pay attention to what the other person is saying. Don’t make the conversation all about yourself. Learn to read other people and adjust your behaviour accordingly.

6. Learn, never stop learning

Read. Read anything and everything. Reading is an excellent way to learn new things, so is watching, listening and doing in order to learn. Knowledge enriches your life and others. Knowledge is sexy, but more so if it is accompanied with modesty.

7. Love yourself

As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.

 8.Relax and laugh at yourself

Don’t be too serious all the time, relax, have fun and laugh at yourself. Laugh at your mistakes, fails and laugh. You’ll be able to deal with them better, which benefits both you and other people.

9. Be pro-active

If there is something about yourself you don’t like. Don’t just wish you could change it, go ahead and make the change yourself.


Tina is a DailyStar senior writer. She graduated from Edith Cowan University. Writing has always been something she enjoyed. Her positive outlook colours every aspect of her life. Her motto -Life’s too short so get living.

When she’s not busy writing, Tina is exploring the city she adores, running in her local Park every day, drinking an absurd amount of coffee, taking care of an adorable pup, kids and traveling.

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