5 Strange (But Totally Normal) Things That Happen To Breasts During Pregnancy

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5 Strange (But Totally Normal) Things That Happen To Breasts During Pregnancy

You know your breasts are going to grow, you’ve picked out the best maternity sports bra, but then your nipples start changing color, little bumps pop up, and all of a sudden, you’re freaking out. This is perfectly normal; and when we say “this,” we mean the growth, the color changes, the bumps, and the freak-outs. 

Boobs do some pretty crazy things when your body is growing a baby. Understanding what’s happening to them will help you stay calm and feel connected to your body and the amazing process it’s going through. With that in mind, here are five strange (bot totally normal) changes you can expect to see during pregnancy.

1. Color changes

This is one of many changes that few people tell you about. You can expect your nipples to darken a few shades as your pregnancy progresses. It’s been theorized that this may be your body’s way of helping your baby find its food source. 

Your veins will most likely become more visible too. This is due to the increased blood flow that’s preparing your breasts for breastfeeding. Once you have finished with nursing, the veins will become less pronounced and your nipples may lighten. However, some women have reported that their nipples didn’t lighten up, so be prepared for the possibility that your nipples may not return to their original color.

2. Pain and tenderness beyond what you expected

Many women go into pregnancy assuming the breast tenderness will be similar to what they experience around period time. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many pregnant moms find the tenderness so severe that they can’t stand having their breasts touched at all. 

Though every woman is different, most find that the extreme tenderness subsides after the first trimester. At this point, the placenta has usually developed the ability to produce hormones, so it starts taking the pressure off the breasts and ovaries. Whatever the case, you may want to have an open and calm conversation about these changes and how they may impact intimacy. 

3. Nipple Bumps

It’s completely normal for little red bumps to appear around your nipples during pregnancy. These are your Montgomery glands, and they are there to lubricate and protect the nipple. There’s also a theory that the fluid secreted by these glands helps guide babies to the breast.

4. Breast lumps

All your glands swell up during pregnancy, so some lumps and bumps are perfectly normal. Of course, it’s a little scary to feel lumps in your breasts, but you can rest assured that almost all the bumps felt during pregnancy are just swollen glands or a clogged milk duct

It’s always a good idea to have any lumps you find checked by a medical professional, so definitely bring them up with your doctor. Just don’t stress yourself out about them in the meantime. 

5. Leaks

From the second trimester onwards, your body will likely start producing colostrum. This sticky, yellowish substance is the precursor to milk production. It’s totally normal for this to leak from your nipples, especially towards the end of your pregnancy. It’s also perfectly normal if you don’t leak – this is not a sign that you’re going to have lactation problems. 

The moment your placenta is delivered, your progesterone levels begin to drop. This signals your body to replace the colostrum with mature milk.

Hopefully, you’re now feeling a little more comfortable with the changes your breasts are going through. As mentioned, if you have any lingering concerns, please visit your treating doctor to have them checked out. It’s always better to err on the side of caution, especially when you’re growing a tiny human. 

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