5 Tips That Will Make You a Better Shopper

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5 Tips That Will Make You a Better Shopper

We have all been shopping since we were kids, and we like to believe that we’ve got it all figured out. Still, from time to time, it’s useful to get a simple reminder that will help us shop smart. It doesn’t matter if you’re a compulsive shopper or someone who puts off shopping until the last minute, these easy tricks will help you turn every shopping experience into a successful shopping expedition. So forget about getting in the car and heading for the mall without a plan – develop a strategy. Here are 5 tips that will make you a better shopper:

Make a list

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You might think it will be a good move to just walk through the store and buy the things you need, without having a shopping list. You already remembered everything, right? Well, we hate to disappoint you, but people who go shopping without a list usually end up overspending or buying things they don’t need. Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on useless things. Keep a notepad next to the fridge and when you run out of something, put it on the list. And don’t forget to take the list with you to the store!

Always set a budget

Why do you overspend? Most people end up buying things they don’t need, want, or even use simply because they had enough money and the item was on sale. Go through your shopping list and try to figure out how much money you’ll need for it all. Don’t buy more than you can afford, and always know how much you’re comfortable spending. This way, you will feel great after your shopping trip since you didn’t buy more than you can afford.

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Forget about ‘speed shopping’

When you’re out there buying clothes, prepare to spend more time than you originally thought you would. Forget about speed shopping when buying clothes, that’s the easiest way to buy things that don’t look good on you or that you don’t really like. Anything that catches your eye – try it on! Everything looks different when you see it on the hanger than it does on a person’s body. When searching for something really specific, give yourself enough time to try things on.


Forget about ‘speed shopping’

Use cash

According to a research, we pay up to 50% more when we go shopping with a credit or debit card. A lot of people do this, and it’s common knowledge that paying with a card makes you feel like you’re using play money. This is how you end up spending more and buying things you wouldn’t buy otherwise. When you figure out how much money you’ll need, withdraw your funds in cash and make sure to use only that cash when shopping. You’ll save a lot of money this way, and those impulse buys will seem less inviting.

Take a bike

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Shopping is a great chance to work out while you’re out there buying clothes and groceries. Yes, you will walk for a long time, but why not take it further and use a bike to get there and back? You might hesitate to do this because you can’t take all the things with you, but you can take an andersen shopper, a handy transport solution that’s attachable to your bike. Your bike won’t be heavier because of it, and you can use the additional storage space. Not only will you work out, but you’ll do something good for you and for the environment.

Only you can turn your usually maddening shopping experience into a rewarding one, but to do that you have to be smart and always have a plan. Arm yourself with a great shopping list, coupons, cash, and patience, and head off to a new shopping adventure.

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