Simple Tips On How To Get Rid Of Pet Smells

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Simple Tips On How To Get Rid Of Pet Smells

We all love our pets, they are our friends, they keep us fit and keep us company. They are an important part of the family. As adorable as they are, over time they’ll leave an overwhelming odour that will impermeant your lovely house. Fortunately, there are a number of home remedies you should consider using that are really effective at getting rid of the terrible pet smell. Allowing you to keep and continue enjoying your beloved pet indoors. There are a few simple solutions, and it doesn’t include kicking your beloved pet out of the house. Follow these simple tips on how to get rid of pet smells.

1. Bathe your pet

You’ll find that some pet breeds require more bathing than others. In general, once every two weeks you should bathe your pet to keep smells out. A well-groomed dog is going to leave less odour around the house.

2. Wash your pet accessories

golden retriever wearing a red dog jumper

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Wash your pet’s accessories frequently from beds to toys. Your pet’s bed should be washed at least once a month or it’ll reek. Also, wash his soft toys because these will also smell if not washed frequently.

3. Clean your house regularly

Start off by taking all of the furniture apart – pillows, blankets and the like – and vacuuming everything thoroughly. If the sofa and chairs have removable slipcovers or cushion covers ( something you might want to consider if you haven’t already), take those off for washing. Get into the crevices of the furniture as deep as possible to remove all the hair.On the floors, make sure to get under all of the furniture and in the corners, where “hair” tend to gather.

4. Let in fresh air

To keep your house smelling nice open the windows and let that fresh air come in to sterilise and neutralise smells in your home. This is easy to do, especially through spring and summer, and with some luck in winter too. Opening windows through the house will create a pleasant breeze and let in the sunshine a great mood lifter.

5. DIY deodorisers

Black and white puppy dog sitting next to sofa

Ronald Bardalez / via Flickr

DIY deodorizers are easy to make from things you already have in your kitchen. You can make this easy DIY deodoriser -all you need to make it is; baking soda, water or plain vinegar with essential oils. Mix these well and spray it on furniture and carpet.

Use baking soda on your carpet and sofas and leave it overnight to absorb all the odours and then vacuum it in the morning. This is safe for your pet since there are no chemicals that could harm their health. Just stick with the tried and true baking soda solution.

These are a few simple ways to keep your house from smelling like your pet. Remember your pet can’t stop smelling the way they do, but if you use these tips then you and your pet can enjoy a clean and fresh smelling home together.

Image: Daveejay / via Flickr
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