6 Sustainable Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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6 Sustainable Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

A building’s curb appeal will either enhance or completely ruin the overall first impression for a prospective buyer. And when your home’s curb appeal is at its best, it will invite the buyers in and prove that the interior is equally good or even better than the exterior (because after all, the true beauty is on the inside, right?). Plus, achieving an awesome curb appeal can also be environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly at the same time. There are 6 sustainable ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

When it comes to boosting your home’s curb appeal, note that there are many cheap and easy fixes as well as some more exhaustive overhauls you can do in order to achieve the best results – from switching or recycling old house numbers, all the way to switching your solar panels. Either way, by following these tips, your house is going to look great from the street and at the same time have a positive impact on the environment.  

1. Paint your door or your front porch with eco-friendly paint

Since your front door is the focal point of your house, it has the biggest make or break ‘responsibility’. And there is nothing that can MAKE better than a fresh coat of paint. It can do wonders for the way your entrance shines through all the way to the street. If your home is light-coloured, go with stronger and bolder paint and vice versa – contrast is always the best option. However, make sure you use paint that has zero volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

6 Sustainable Ways to Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal

2. Recycled house number

Just by updating a tiny thing such as your house numbers you will rejuvenate your home’s curb appeal. However, instead of buying brand new ones from some overpriced store, consider scouring Pinterest or Etsy for those made of recycled steel or some other metal and have that aged look that has been really popular lately. You can even make your own house numbers by using driftwood and metal numbers.

3. Exterior lighting

Outdoor lighting exists to both illuminate your home and yard and to enhance your home’s curb appeal big time. A pathway outlined with those stylish low voltage lights will help your visitors feel welcomed and safe when visiting your home.

Probably the best choice would be to go with solar-powered lights since they spend the day soaking in the sun rays and channel them into warm light when the sun goes down. They are also easy to install and look great both in daytime and nighttime.

4. Don’t neglect the roof

In the age of practicality meets sustainability, sustainable home choices will always improve a home’s appearance. A good-looking roof with sustainable elements, such as these two listed below, can increase both your home’s value and its curb appeal.

Solar panels

They will show both your neighbours and potential buyers that your home is actually an investment into a better global future. Depending on where you live, solar panels will bring you enormous savings on energy bills while making your roof look sleek. However, before installing them, you should do some research about whether your home’s location and sun exposure are compatible with it.

6 Sustainable Ways to Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal

Composite panels

Used mainly for exterior cladding, load-bearing walls and roofing elements, the benefits of composite panels are widely appreciated and they are present on a wide range of residential and non-residential buildings. They support some of the most important environmental considerations:

  • They are outstanding providers of thermal insulation – which will reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  • They have a long life.
  • They contribute to reduced greenhouse gases emission in both production and installation.

Also, there is a wide and attractive choice of available surface finishes in terms of both colour and metallic coating.

5. Invest in drought-tolerant plants

Let’s face it – nothing says “I love and care about my home” like a well-landscaped yard does. However, it can be quite difficult to find plants that look lush while not guzzling the water – but it’s not impossible. There are some beautiful plants that don’t require much water – which is the perfect eco-friendly landscaping option. You can consider herbs such as portulaca, lavender, rosemary, coneflower etc.

6 Sustainable Ways to Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal

6. Clear up the walkway

Chipped stones, as well as a cracked pavement, are both unsightly and dangerous. An updated walkway is going to lead many more buyers to your doorstep. And the one thing you can do to make this even better is to add an eco-friendly twist to your walkway by using sustainable materials such as recycled rubber or salvaged wood.

However, if you currently cannot afford this big of an investment, give your old walkway a good scrub down with some eco-friendly products and mild detergents.

And that would basically be it. What do you think about these tips? Let us know.

Derek Lotts

Derek Lotts is a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator and writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and everything related to home improvement.

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