7 Best Spots for Fishing in Australia

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7 Best Spots for Fishing in Australia

If you wish to take a vacation from your everyday obligations and finally get some peace of mind.  Australia is the best fit for all of you fishing aficionados.

Prepare your fishing equipment because here are the 7 best spots to go catch a “Big one” in this beautiful country:

1. Gippsland, Victoria

fishing Gippsland Victoria

This beautiful region gives you the best mix of beauty and wildlife. If you like casting a line over clear mountain streams, catching brown and rainbow trout, red fins, eels, carps and Australian bass, Gippsland is definitely your place.

If you’re a keen fisher, Gippsland gives you the best chance to catch big dusky flatheads by the tons. Regarding Fishing equipment, we suggest you use a medium rod to catch these puppies.

2. Barra Country, Northern Territory

fishing Barra Country, Northern Territory

With countless miles of untouched coastlines, the Northern Territory is the locations you simply cannot miss if you’re in Australia. The region is known as Barra Country’ because is home of the best Barramundi fishing in the world. As a tip, when fishing barramundi, you can be a lot more effective by using soft plastic lures or “jellies”.

3. Shark Bay (Western Australia)

fishing Shark Bay Western Australia

Shark Bay is considered the mecca for land-based game fishers. People all around the globe often travel thousands of miles to fish there in order to catch blue bone gropers, Spanish mackerels, sailfish, cobia and yellow-tailed kingfish.

When fishing for blue bone gropers, remember to get your fishing equipment prepared, we suggest a minimum of 30lb mainline attached to a minimum of 80lb leader.

4. Port Lincoln, South Australia

fishing Port Lincoln, South Australia

It’s no surprise Port Lincoln is the best fishing spots in South Australia since it offers fishers many incredible options, including jetty fishing and rock fishing along its rugged coastline. If you like challenges, Port Lincoln is widely known for its mighty southern bluefin tunas that can weigh as much as 500 lbs.

5. Port Stephens, New South Wales

fishing Port Stephens, New South Wales

Port Stephens is where all game fishers want to be. This region hosts NSW Interclub Tournament every year and has become the southern hemisphere’s biggest scenarios for game fishing. If game fishing isn’t your thing there still a lot of cool places to fish in Port Stephens, like Karuah River, the Myall Lakes system and the Nelson Bay.

6. Hervey Bay, Queensland

fishing Hervey Bay, Queensland

Hervey Bay, as a part of the Fraser coast, is a unique place. It offers crystal-clear waters that give you the perfect calm spots to fish. The golden trevally is the trademark fish of the area but you can also find all kinds of tuna, sailfish and marlins.

7. Cairns, Queensland

fishing Cairns, Queensland

If you’re a game fisher whose dream is to catch a big marlin, you must come to Cairns. According to International Game Fishing Association records, most of all “granders” (black Marlins surpassing 1,000 lbs) are caught in these waters each year. Are you not from Australia? Don’t worry, Cairns has an international airport! Which makes it easier for foreigners to arrive and enjoy all of its pleasures.

So what are you waiting for? Get your fishing equipment and begin the adventure!

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Hannah is a freelance travel and fashion writer who prides herself in finding the perfect tours and operators to make your journey as authentic and memorable as possible.

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