7 Things You Should Never Buy New

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7 Things You Should Never Buy New

It’s so convenient to walk into a store and buy something brand new. But buying second hand or slightly used, could save you a packet. Here are seven things you should always look to purchase used. For most of these,Gumtree, quicksales, TradingPost and eBay are your best friends.

Here’s a list of 7 things you should never buy new.

1. Cars

We all know the value of a car drops like a rock as soon as you drive it off the lot so instead, look for a quality used car that has already taken the depreciation hit. Ideally, one that still has a factory warranty, a shiny paint job, low miles and a much smaller price tag. The same math applies to motorcycles, trucks, and other vehicles.

2. Furniture

If you think pre-owned furniture means ugly and worn out, think again. There are just so many nice used furniture floating around. Have a look online or at your local op shop and you’ll be surprised at what you can pick up for a fraction of the price, in near new condition.

3. Sporting gear and musical instruments

This items can cost a fortune especially when you are just getting started. If you’re just starting out, buying second hand is the way to go!  Especially if it’s your kids who want to try their hand at the piano or hockey. Try buying sporting goods, musical instruments and exercise gear online or even at garage sales. You will be surprised at the bargains out there from people who thought had the time or were going to love to learn a new hobby but lost interest.

4. Clothes

Clothing is like restaurant booze; the markup from wholesale is insane. Once you know this you won’t have the heart to throw money out like that, especially when you are looking at men’s style. Men’s style changes very little from year to year so when you buy second hand stuff just throw it in the wash and get rid it of its former owner’s musk.

Savvy bargain hunters can find near-new items for less than half of what they cost on the rack.Points to remember when hunting for second hand clothes; look for clothes that are well made with good fabric and stitching, and free of stains – and be sure to wash before you wear it!

5. Pets

If you buy your new pet from a professional breeder, it’s going to set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Why not adopt a pre-owned pet from your local animal shelter and get your lovely new friend in need of a good home for a substantial fraction of the cost.

6. Baby Clothes

Baby clothes don’t get much wear as they grow so quickly. Makes sense when you look for second-hand loved baby clothes and it’ll save you a lot of money for other baby costs, which there are many.

7. Books

As long as you can still read the type, used books are just as good as new. And it’s easy to find even brand new releases for half the price of bookstores if  go to second-hand book stores.


This is only a few things you can save money on when buying second hand and the added ‘feel-good’ bonus is that you know you are reducing your carbon footprint.

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