8 Guidelines To Dating Today

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8 Guidelines To Dating Today 

You are single again after years of being in a long relationship and you are feeling nervous getting back in the dating game because things have change since back in the day when you were single. You are probably right to feel that way.

Today’s dating rules have changed and are changing as we speak, in a world so influenced by technology things change fast but not to despair, here are 8 guidelines to dating today:

1.    Be pro-active when looking for love

In a fast ever-changing society singles have come to realize that being pro-active is the only answer to finding love.  Don’t be shy and create a profile on several dating sites and go ahead why not try speed-dating events. Be bold because you might find love that way.

Put yourself out there, go to various places and do things you like to do where you can meet similar singles. It could be surfing, yoga, cooking classes, etc. Be active and join several social activities that you enjoy and draw similar single people to you.

2.    Be open-minded.

In the past you had a ‘type’ you were searching for and you better move away from that way of thinking.  Broaden up your mind and look at things like shared values, strong physical connection, similar ambitions, someone you can easily share a life with.

3.    Texting

Gone are the days when you picked up the phone and placed that first nervous phone call to your date. These days dates text each other and that is something you need to get accustomed to. They text and don’t always expect an immediate answer either. If it all seems a bit foreign within a few dates you could explain what you prefer about texting or phone calls or even the frequency of those.

4.     Split the bill

Offer to split the bill when you go out to dinner or any other time during the date. We are in the 21rst century after all. However, if your date absolutely insists in paying the bill politely say thank you but might be a good idea you pick up the bill next time you go out for drinks.

5.     Be clear and just ask.

If you are getting back into the dating game after years of being married, it’s time to get familiar with two expressions: “Want to grab a coffee?” and “ Let’s hang out sometime”.

In a hookup society it’s really hard to know where things are going or if they are going at all. Probably a good idea to watch the movie ‘Are we officially dating’ it surely alludes to a lot of the current attitudes in todays dating scene.

However, as awkward as it may be ask where you are going because time is precious and if you are not looking for hookups only then it’s better to be clear from the beginning.

6.    Move at your own pace

Casual sex is part of today’s hookup culture but if you are not ready for that don’t be pressured take things at your own pace. A lot of people think that because of the lead up to the date, the request for naked photos, sexting and the lot, sex on the first date is a requirement. It doesn’t have to be, anyone who really is into you won’t push the issue.

7.   You will get researched via Facebook or Google

Your date will conduct a background search for you before you meet up for drinks, not a strange thing it’s something everybody does now.

Want to put a stop to this from happening you need then to update your privacy settings.

8.    Keep looking

You will end going to a few disaster dates in the process but never give up because it will take a few near misses to get to find your future ‘perfect’ date.



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