8 Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

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8 Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

Surely, your year has already been full of joy and delights as you have welcomed a new and cute family member. As one of the most exciting seasons approaches, you cannot deny the fact that the warm feelings around Christmas will overwhelm you even more. That’s because you have a new reason to celebrate this wonderful holiday. After all, you will never be alone, and because you will have more laughter in the house. The baby may not remember its first Christmas, but you will take glorious photos and make it memorable for the entire family. Here are some sprucing ideas you can do to create a holly-jolly Christmas for your baby and you.

1. Have a delightful Christmas photo-shooting

8 Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

One of the easiest and probably the most marvellous things you can do with your baby is to take family portraits. Having your photo taken by a professional in a studio or at home is the perfect way to have the Christmas delight captured. You could dress up your little bundle of joy in a fancy Xmas-theme dress or suit, decorate the Christmas tree, place a lot of lights and other Christmas ornaments to make a perfect backdrop. No matter if you choose to decorate your home in the Christmas spirit, or you visit the professional photo studio, the feelings will be captured immaculately.

2. Get some presents

Your baby may not remember its first Christmas present, but you will. And as a parent, you should leave a present under the Christmas tree for your baby as well but don’t go overboard with it, just let it be something useful and functional. Getting quality and organic baby clothes is always a good idea. Other ideas may include a soft toy or a magnificent storybook. The endpoint is to bring joy to your little one and maybe capture it on the camera.

3. Decorate the Christmas tree and the nursery

8 Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

Hanging superb ornament is surely the pivotal point of this amazing holiday. The traditions and meanings behind are the things that matter the most, so make it also significant for the baby. Deco rate the Christmas tree together, take photos while doing so, make sure the ornament is not hazardous for the little one. Use plastic or natural material ornaments rather than glass ones, especially if you want to place them in the nursery. In the nursery you could place some wonderful string lights, maybe add a tiny tree or hang safe paper snowflakes. Whatever you do, keep any decor out of the baby’s reach

4. Visit your local Santa

Carrying a small baby across the city during winter is not a very smart idea. However, if you wish to have a nice photo with a real Santa, it could be worth going on a trip to a nearby store or mall. Santa Clause is one of the greatest symbols of Christmas, and it could be noteworthy and cute to meet and have an adorable first picture with this chubby-looking nice man.

5. Hang your little one’s first stocking

8 Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

Another Christmas must-do. Hanging stocking is a fantastic activity you and your baby will cherish. You could go shopping for a dazzling Christmas baby stocking and add it to your mantle. Nowadays there are numerous baby-themed options to choose from for your baby’s first Christmas stocking. Later, you could will it with sweet kinds of stuff, or with some fruits if your baby has started eating solid food.

7. Give to others

It’s the season of forgiving and giving. Hence, purge all the baby items you no longer need and those that your baby no longer uses, like outgrown clothes and toys. Give them to people in need, donate to charity, bring it to the local church, or you could pack them away for the child. In this way, you would show your Christmas caring spirit and make room for more new presents to come.

8. Start a tradition

It is a great time to start a new Christmas tradition with a new baby. You could mould your baby’s footprint or handprint and make it a tradition to do that every Christmas and watch your baby grow. Start wearing matching pyjamas, bake a special cookie, set up a cool playlist, whatever you like, and repeat it annually as a wonderful tradition.

You can put a smile on your face, forget about all your worries and sleepless nights, and enjoy Christmas with your baby and family. 

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Jasmine Anderson is a Sydney-based lifestyle blogger and a toddler mom.

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