Alarming Effects Lack OF Sleep Has On Your Appearance

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Alarming Effects Lack OF Sleep Has On Your Appearance

Get your ‘beauty sleep‘, is an expression that we all hear frequently and never take it very seriously, but maybe should. Whoever came up with this expression was on the right track. Lack of sleep shows up on your face pretty much immediately, science says.

A recent beauty study released from BensonsforBeds, shows that lack of sleep has a dramatic effect on your appearance. It is recommended we have  seven to eight hours sleep per night, but most of us are getting less hours.

What are then the real long and short term effects of less hours sleep?  Long term effects of sleep deprivation include premature signs of ageing, permanent discolouration of the skin, loss of self-esteem and increase in weight. When we don’t get the right amount of sleep, we are prone to be more hungry, to make a few more mistakes in our dietary choice and as a result stack on the extra kilos.

The main finding of this beauty study is that all it takes is as little as five nights of six hours sleep, to reap a number of short term negative skin results and signs of damage start to show . Participants’ skin show a number of worsening skin features;  more spots, wrinkles, clogged pores and redness in the skin, all of which contributing to poor skin appearance.

In addition this study shows, not only does lack of sleep have serious effects on appearance with skin looking less vital, it has serious negative effects on self-esteem, on mood, but also cognitive ability and concentration.

With women in general spending great amounts of money in the beauty and skin products, this study shows that the most effective and cost-efficient answer could just be sleep! This study supports the concept of  beauty sleep, the fact that when you sleep skin cells repair themselves and therefore reducing the signs of aging.

Guess no more late night Netflix binge. Since you’d hate the reflection you see in the mirror the morning after.

Still no entirely convinced? Watch the video here:

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