Science Says Beer Is Good For You

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Science Says Beer Is Good For You

Beer lovers rejoice! If you thought beer couldn’t get any better, you’re in for a surprise! Beer isn’t just your favourite drink; it also is good for your health, but in moderation.

In moderation beer drinkers are:

  1. 31% less likely to suffer from heart attack, stoke, or heart disease.
  2. Beer drinkers are less likely to develop a kidney stone.
  3. Men who drink 1-2 of beer glasses a day are less likely to develop diabetes.
  4. Beer alcohol content raises ‘good’ HDL-cholesterol.
  5. Beer makes your bones stronger because of its richness in dietary silicone..
  6. Your brain thanks you too, as beer lowers your risk of dementia.
  7. Silicon in beer also offsets the damage of high levels of aluminium that cause Alzheimer’s disease

The list goes on, find out more in the infographic below, courtesy of Revivol. Beer can help your body, brain and even beauty.  With Oktoberfest around the corner this is the best news any beer lover could hear. Cheers and drink in moderation.

Science Says Beer Is Good For You

Source: Revivol

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