Amazing hidden pools

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Amazing hidden pools

The face of swimming pools has just changed with these amazing hidden pools.

These amazing hidden pools are incredible and only possible through creative and phenomenal engineering. These

pools work on a hydraulic lift that powers up the water of the pool and lowers or raises its platform in a couple of minutes.

The platform of this pool, can be lowered to different levels. It can become a splash pool safe for little ones. Or for big kids who just want to dip and enjoy a few cocktails.  It can also become a deep pool for swimming.

Serious swimmer you can get water jets installed for exercise.

These hidden swimming pools work great in small backyards where the platform can be used as a recreational area.

Watch the video below and you’ll agree that these pools are a cool party trick to have in your backyard.


Yeah, that should definitely impress the neighbours.  Especially, if they happen to be in your backyard when you flip the switch.


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