Footwear that charges your phone as you walk.

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Footwear that charges your phone as you walk.

A new invention by a 15 yr. old Filipino teenager, Angelo Casimiro, has created footwear that generates electricity to charge your mobile phone as you walk and run.

Casimiro lives in the Philippines, where many people still suffer from poverty and electricity remains a luxury. He then endeavoured to create an alternative source of energy not related to wind, solar, hydro or bio-gas.

In his own words:

Yes, it sounds like a crazy idea and judging by the sound of it, doesn’t even have practical use, neither will it solve the world energy crisis, but at the end of the presentation, you may even be proven wrong.

Although tests show Casimiro’s invention only gives mobile phones 10 minutes of charge after 2 hours of playing basketball, his work seems promising. Casimiro generates electricity using an insole generator that is made out of two pairs of piezoe-electric discs, which produce energy when the crystals bend inward. Quite ingenious for a teenager to think of this one!

The idea that you don’t need to worry about a charger or power points is one that is very appealing. After refining this invention this might be the best motivation for walking and running.

Listen to his explanation on his entry video for Google’s Science Fair:


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