How To Ask Them Out

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How To Ask Them Out

Dating is such a complex exercise. It’s starts first with asking someone out, then keeping their interest, if you play your cards well you continue keeping them interested and finally with luck they will be taken by you.

With  Valentine’s so fresh in everybody’s memories, with romance still in the air many singles are drawn back to the dating world. The desire to have someone special in their life is reignited.

Now that you found someone you really like, you need to ask them out. How do you know if they like you back? How do you ask them out? How do you start a conversation?

According to Adam from TheNotAdam do not use a pick up line to start a conversation, this is a conversation killer and doesn’t help with first impressions. Instead he suggest you have a real conversation. Doesn’t sound easy right?

However, Adam breaks conversation starters into a two types , ‘The foot in the door’  the small talk approach, where you might compliment the person on what they are wearing for example and propelling a conversation from there. Adam also suggests that as the conversation continues watch for cues that show they possibly could be interested in you. Are they willing to talk, are they leaning in, are they smiling, etc. He makes a very good point – ‘never assume someone is interested in you unless they tell you they are…’.

If you managed to keep the person engaged for a few minutes then it’s looking good, but if during that brief exchange you managed to find something that the two of you are interested in then boom you have gotten in.

Type two is  a lot bolder and it’s called ‘Door in the face’ this basically  refers to the approach where you skip all the small talk and go straight for the question. It’s a very direct approach.

For more great tips on flirting, conversation and dating watch Adam from TheNotAdam awesome latest video. Adam draws from his persona experience and from observing his friends to best answer this very sensitive and tricky question on How To Ask Them Out:

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