How To Last Longer In Bed

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How To Last Longer In Bed

Wish you could last longer in bed and become the stallion of her sexual fantasy?

Many men experience premature ejaculation, which by the way is one of the biggest insecurities men have when it comes to sex. (All right second, since the size of their junk ranks pretty high up there.)

Men can’t do much about the size of their junk, but they can do a hell of a lot to make sex last longer.

While there is no set amount of time sex should last, being known as the one-minute-man is not exactly ideal.

Last longer in bed

Good news is there are ways to last longer, without Viagra.

If you aren’t very happy with your endurance, here are a few things you can do to make sure you go the distance:

  1. For starters, say hello to your oldest friend – your hand. Some good old fashion self-love will help you last longer.
  2. Next, work your pelvic floor muscles regularly by literally clenching your butt cheeks over and over again. Yep, Kegels aren’t just for women.  Don’t believe us? A study in Stockholm showed that men basically cured themselves of their troublesome premature ejaculation and lasted four times longer, just by doing kegels for 12 weeks. Plus, you could be doing them all day and nobody would know, so clench away.
  3. Another solution is to go vegetarian, but that doesn’t sound fun. But there are certain positions that can help you last longer, and that sounds way more fun. This video suggests a few positions that you might want to use in the very near future:

Aside from certain positions there are other things you can do so you don’t come up short. Watch SIMPLE Pickup video on How To Last Longer In Bed – Simple Tips.  Pretty good tips here:

Maybe these tips will help you have the kind of sex that lasts and will have her want seconds or many repeat visits.

Do you have any tips to ad that make you last longer during sex?

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