Australian men voted hottest in the world

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Australian men voted hottest in the world

Some countries have breathtaking landscape, others have  rich history and others have the hottest people alive. A new study has revealed which are the sexiest countries on planet Earth based on perceptions of men and women all over the world.

Here are the results of the study; the sexiest women in the world according to men are the Latin sirens from the 2014 World Cup – Brazil. The sexiest men in the world according to women all over the world are – Australian men.

It is not surprising that the world perceives women from Brazil to be the sexiest on the planet as they dominate the world of modeling and make for the highest paid models in the world.

It’s not really a shock that Australian men take the vote of women worldwide, as being the hottest it’s enough to mention the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Sam Worthington and Simon Baker.

Here’s the complete list

The sexiest nationalities for men:

1. Australia

2. Italian

3. British

4. Scottish

5. Spanish

6. American

7. Irish

8. Brazilian

9. Canadian

10. Dutch

The sexiest nationalities for women:

1. Brazilian

2. Russian

3. Colombian

4. British

5. Filipina

6. Spanish

7. Australian

8. Bulgarian

9. South African

10. Canadian

Men ranked Brazilian women as first, then Russian and third Colombia. However, women chose Australian men to be the hottest, then Italian and third England.

What were the attributes that placed these men and women on top of everybody else, the two major attributes were accent and body type.



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