The Best Tank Top for Your Body Type

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The Best Tank Top for Your Body Type

Every gal deserves to enjoy the unrestricted and super stylish freedom of wearing tank tops — but many of us are gun-shy when it comes to showing our guns. And if the idea of exposing our arms isn’t enough to deter many of us from the prospect of a tank, then their fitted design can be the final nail in the proverbial fashion coffin. Before you write tanks off altogether though, consider educating yourself about the different types of tank tops. Find the right tank for your body type, and you’ll fall head over heels for this versatile fashion staple.

The Classic Tank

Red headed lady with black hat and tank top

Figure-hugging and super sexy, the classic tank is what most of us think about when we hear the word “tank top”. They can vary in length, and the neckline can be square or curved, but the straps are always thin and the fit is snug. This makes them ideal for people who want to show off their figures. Alternatively, you can wear them with cardigans or blazers for work for a more conservative look.

The Racer Tank

Defined by its single strapped back and a scooped neck, the racer back can be extremely flattering. This is because it draws the eye in from the shoulders, making your shoulders look narrower (which is good if you are an inverted triangle shape), but also good if you want to detract from your midsection.

The Muscle Tank

Man with tank top at the gym

Worn mainly by men as workout gear, the muscle tank has made the transition to women’s wear too. Since muscle tanks look like loose t-shirts with their sleeves cut away, significant amounts of your underarms, side, and even chest can be exposed, so you’re going to want to make sure you wear a sports bra or another, tighter top underneath. A bra won’t cut it  — but a lacy bralette could do the trick when coupled with a cotton tank…when you’re not at the gym, that is. We’re talking street style here.

A muscle shirt from The Upside. Loose, but not frumpy.

You can style this tank with jeans for a casual day on the town, or with your workout gear for a challenging workout at the gym. Given its loose fit, the muscle shirt can be a flattering fit on anyone  — just make sure to buy for your size. Too tight and the tank will pull in the wrong areas; too loose and the tank will make you look frumpy. Muscle tanks are designed to look calculated in their bagginess, so go with your regular size.

The Turtle Tank

The turtleneck tank top is super chic and sophisticated. It can look amazing on any body type, but especially for professional women who are very chesty and don’t want to draw attention to their breasts in a classic tank but want the classic cool vibe of a tank top.

So next time you think tanks are off the table, remember you’ve got options. Pick the style and fit that’s right for you, and get ready to rock this top.

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