The better sex workout for men.

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The better sex workout for men. Get buff for the bedroom.

We all know that regular exercise has myriad health benefits. Regular exercise can also improve things in the bedroom. Obviously being fitter and healthier overall will go a long way, but specific types of exercises can also improve your strength, flexibility and stamina in bed.

You’ll definitely have more enjoyable sex if you don’t have to worry about getting fatigued or pulling something. For great sex there are two things you need to improve strength and flexibility.

Want to be a great lover? Here’s a workout that’s not only a terrific calorie-burning and fitness-boosting routine, but one that preps the body for better performance in bed.  It tones you muscles and also increases strength, stamina, and power for longer, better sex session.

Here is the better sex workout in a nutshell:


This exercise is great to strengthen your back and hip muscles also it srengthens your kegel muscles for longer and stronger erections; it is a great carry over for your sexual position as chair or the cowgirl.


Building the muscles of the shoulders, triceps, chest, and back will make it easier to support your body weight for longer periods of time when you are on top and for times when you are supporting her body weight during moves like standing sex positions.

T-Bar Pulse

This is a great exercise to increase your push, great for times like when you are doing doggy-style.

Front squat

Front squat are great if you are planning to show off and carry your gal around during sex. To really oomph this exercise use weights to really get your legs and arms strong for the stand-up sex position.


A cramp at an inopportune time will ruin the mood. By stretching and lengthening your muscles regularly, you’ll be suppler for those tricky sex positions. Try the hip raise with arm reach to your side as you hold your hips up.

Core power. 

The abdominals and low back muscles are used for the thrusting motions of sex. Having a strong core is extremely important for healthy sex life and you’re your daily life too. Finnish researchers say that people with weak core muscles are three times more likely to suffer from lower back pain. Benefit of strong abs is that it girdles your belly so it won’t flop over and get in the way of business. She wants to wrap her legs around your six-pack, not a barrel.

Aerobic stamina 

It is well known that lifting weights increases testosterone levels, however, strong muscles are not enough on their own. You need also to increase you stamina. You don’t want to huff and puff during your crucial show time!! Aerobics will give you stamina to maintain your rhythm and look god in bed. Shaping up with endurance workouts like interval training sessions and resistance-training circuits can prevent weaker muscles from quitting too soon.

You can do this workout at home and it will help you lose weight, build muscle and last longer in bed. 



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