Why bodybuilders make good boyfriends

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Why bodybuilders make good boyfriends

Why bodybuilders make good boyfriends and the reason is simple. The mindset they use for their rigorous training is mirrored and often directly related to many aspects of their lives. One such aspect is in the dating game. Hear us out girls, you might consider dating a bodybuilder after you’re finished reading this. Someone who has a bodybuilder mindset will surprisingly make for a great boyfriend. What follows are the 5 reasons why bodybuilders make good boyfriends.

1.    Lifting and moving heavy things

Bodybuilders take a lot of enjoyment lifting and moving heavy things, they are always ready for a challenge. Your bodybuilder boyfriend will always be happy to help you lift heavy things. Whether it’s your groceries bags, or your furniture when you moving houses.

Travelling is so much easier when your suitcases are heavy and you don’t have to worry about them. Best of all, you are never too heavy for him. If you put on an extra 5 kilos he’ll take it as a challenge to still throw you around the bed without complaining about it.

2.    He’ll never have a beer gut

 The most important thing to a bodybuilder is how his body looks. Why will a bodybuilder never grow a beer gut? A bodybuilder is constantly trying to improve his physical appearance and will do whatever it takes to maintain his shape.

Rest assured that when you date a bodybuilder he will always do his best to look and maintain his physique for both of you to enjoy.

3.    Health attitude

A dedicated bodybuilder will not go out on weekends and get drunk as he is committed to an exercise routine of healthy food and good rest. Bodybuilders want their bodies to function at peak physical performance and will not jeopardise that.

4.    They are used to sacrificing

Bodybuilders understand that to attain certain things in life you must sacrifice a lot. They are used to endure the pain, monotony to attain their ideal body. It also reflects on their willingness to fight and endure through the monotonous moments in relationships, there are the ups and downs and they have an understanding of this already This is a valuable trait to have in someone you are dating. He understands that sometimes doing the things you don’t like doing is, in the long run, best for all those involved and to their happiness.

5.    Devotion and Dedication

Bodybuilders are used to devoting and dedicating hours of hard work to the gym in pursuit of a better body.  Likewise, when he decides to commit to a relationship, whatever extreme is necessary to make something work, he will devote and dedicate the necessary effort to make it work.

Bodybuilders are probably the best boyfriends you can choose to have as they are well equipped to endure through it all to make your relationship work.


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