Your Boobs Age Faster Than You Do.

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Don’t hit the panic button yet. There are things you can do to ensure you boobs do not age fast.

Wondering why your girls aren’t as perky as they used to be? It turns out that breast tissue ages faster than the rest of our body, according to a new study published in the journal Genome Biology.

Here is how do we keep your boobs healthy for longer:


Breasts go through a lot of changes through a lifetime. Common factors that put breasts through strain are; weight gain and loss, pregnancy weight and fluctuations before and after each month. The only way to save the skin is by moisturizing every day with organic skin care such as coconut oil.

Right Support

Investing in a good sports bra is important but ideally breasts should be properly support throughout the whole day. Getting professionally fitted at least once every time you’ve been through dramatic body changes such as pregnancy is essential. Stop gravity taking its toll too early.

Feel yourself Up

Checking that everything looks and feels fine every month should become a routine for every woman. Getting to know how your breasts could save your life and you should take note of anything different, like bulges, dimpling, rashes, nipple discharge and changes in size.


The right workout can keep your girls looking perky. Exercises to your upper body such as chest press, push-ups and Ab plank are great to help your girls sit up higher for longer.

Sitting up straight

The best way to fight sag naturally is to keep a straight posture. Sitting up straight will also make your breasts look bigger.


Sunscreen should be used both when you’re planning to go to the beach and as a daily routine on your chest unless you wear high cut tops all the time.

Stretch marks

No surprise breasts get stretch marks from all the fluctuation they experience. They are unsightly and annoying but the good news is that with time they fade away and it will help if you moisturize frequently.


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