Books That Predicted The Future

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Books That Predicted The Future

There is an abundance of Sci-Fi books that have predicted the future quite accurately.

Some of these predictions are so accurate that they’re almost scary. Going into great details about inventions and technologies, social norms, which in their era was inconceivable.

These books made predictions about computer hackers, bionic limbs, genetic engineering, and iPads, decades and sometimes centuries before the inventions were created.

Who were these Sci-Fi writers, were they prophets or even time travelers, who had visions of the future and took to pen to warn us or ultimately influence us in shaping our future?

Regardless, what matters is that these books, whether they predicted or influenced, are books that have and will fascinate readers through the ages. created an amazing infographic that tried to answer the question of prediction vs influence. It shows the timeline of seemingly precognitive books, as well as the actual discoveries they predicted.

From “Gulliver’s Travels” to “Brave New World,” these are the 24 books that forecasted the future.

History of books that forecast the future infographic

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