Choker necklaces are back in Fashion

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Choker necklace are back in Fashion

Choker necklaces are back in fashion, so ladies this is a must have fashion piece to have this year. Ckokers are a trend to watch out for, they were popular in the 1980-90’s, and they are making a return to fashion once again.

What is a choker, you ask? It is a close-fitting necklace worn high on the neck and it can have one or many bands circling the neck.

Victoria Beckham wore a Dolce & Gabbana ‘Love’ piece and it grabbed everybody’s attention, how were we to guess that choker necklace were making a come back.

Both the fashion world and celebrities are flaunting these necklaces; so all eyes are on the neck.  Elle Fanning at the ‘Ginger & Rosa’ in London premiere wore a lace choker necklace and she looked absolutely beautiful.

When wearing one of these chokers you should be aware that it is important to wear them with clothing that have simple necklines for a better effect, busy and adorned necklines are not ideal for chokers.

This fashion accessory can be worn in a playful and youthful manner or it can be an exquisite piece that will enrich any chic outfit. There is something very feminine about choker necklaces that accentuate the sensuality of women’s necks.

Some chokers are simple, other extravagant and some just beautiful, whichever you choose it will be a piece worthwhile adding to your wardrobe.


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