In the name of Beauty

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In the name of beauty women are undergoing the craziest cosmetic procedures to attain the ‘perfect body’.

Eyebrow plucking, Brazilian waxing, microdermabrasion treatments, chemical skin peels are small scale beauty procedures many women go through every week to be able to be seen in public.

All women at some time or other and if not on weekly basis have a beauty regime that requires them to go through some pain; waxing, hair-laser removal, bikini wax and so on.

However, there are some dangerous trends in the beauty world in which more and more women are willing to undergo to reduce their beauty flaws. Things are just going too far. We have already mentioned the new trend in Toe surgery in hope to achieve a better foot shape to be able to wear fashionable high heel shoes.

Read on to find out about these insane trends in the name of beauty:

Thigh Gap Laser Therapy

Thigh gap

Whoever came up with the standard that women need a six-inch gap between their thighs? The gap has no health or scientific grounding and is another trend to force women to worry about another aspect of their body unnecessarily.

Bra Plate for the Busty

Bra plate

The only disadvantage I can see with the humble bra is that; it can be costly and it loses its shape in the wash and  beyond those minor flaws, wearing a bra is not such a nuisance. However, for those women who cannot be bothered every morning with putting on a bra there is a more permanent solution and it gives you a little lift as well.

If you haven’t heard of it yet there’s a new bra implant procedure. Silk straps are surgically attached to under-breast and held tightly in place by titanium screws that are solidly forced onto the rib cage.

The benefits do not outweigh the pain, no thank you.

Botox-injected fingers

Botox-injected fingers

Rumours have that some women are having Botox injected into their hands to give their fingers a fuller appearance isn’t this just proof that our obsession with perfect beauty is getting way out of hand?

Buy a pair of blue eyes

baby blue

For those who simply aren’t satisfied with their eye colours you can now buy a new pair of irises.  This procedure, which shoots laser beams into your eyes claims to convert your dirty brown-coloured eyes into a more desirable colour; like blue or green.

Iris implants also exist, if the laser route makes you squeamish. However, some doctors are saying these procedures are dangerous and are not worth the risk but sadly despite these warnings some people will still pursue them.

Have we lost all our senses? Is this desire to seek the ‘perfect body’ blinded us from the torture that we are putting ourselves under?


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