Creative Project To Save The Bees And Butterflies

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Creative Project To Save The Bees And Butterflies

Our planetary state of affairs are worsening by the minute and there is no time to waste and ponder in static contemplation. It’s time to get creative and take action.

It’s safe to assume that the vast majority of us have heard and are aware of the dire situation of the honeybee:dwindling numbers, collapsed colonies and dying hives. A sad and despairing phenomena which endangers not only honey production, but also our food supply.

If bee numbers continue to decline, the future of our food supply will face a stark reality of diminishing crops and some some foods will become difficult or impossible to come by. The delectable almonds, certain berries and apples will be a faded memory of the past.

Our food has direct bearing on the economy of the world and if bees disappear our economy will be hard hit.

Why is it so important to save our honeybees? First to preserve our planet’s biodiversity and second to undo the environmental harm we’ve caused, but also because our food sources need pollinators. There are 90 commercially grown crops that depend on honeybee pollination.

Environmentally and economically as people of this beautiful plant is not enough to sit and lament the dim future, there is still time to change and save the bees and ourselves. Our existence is very much en-webbed with the bees’ existence.

What exactly is causing the bees to disappear? There are two schools of thought. Some speculate GMOs (genetically modified goods) are the cause of the shrinking numbers, others claim pesticides.

While environmental advocacy groups and corporate chemical companies battle it out, grassroots efforts have taken the matter in hand and have cultivated an innovative solution to the issue. One such organization is the Great Seed Bomb.

Are you tired of hearing all about it and see no real action taking place for change? You can make a donation to help Great Seed Bomb. Or you can get involved by spreading the word, volunteer, donate, become a sponsor or vendor, and buy your ticket to ride on a charity 5ks or 10ks fun-run model.

It’s a scenic bike ride with the purpose of planting non GMO milkweed and wildflowers seeds. These will  bloom—and serve to attract and protect important pollinators like bees benefiting bees and butterflies. All proceeds go towards local environmental nonprofits and organizations to keep the work going.

Essentially, it’s a scenic bike ride with the purpose of planting wildflowers. The founder, Jill Jordan , of Great Seed Bomb, uses an ancient agricultural method wherein participating riders plant compost balls that contain non-GMO milkweeds and bee friendly native wildflowers.

However, the event isn’t just about planting seeds. The ride will also raise awareness for the importance of:

a bike-friendly community and economy

health and wellness, quality of life

buying local

the environment and our lovely local beneficiaries

This is a wonderful way of people doing something tangible toward a very dire and pressing environmental issue that will affect us and our planet.

We’re hoping that this awesome charity fun-ride will come to Australia, meanwhile you can donate or make your own seed bombs  and here’s how:


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