Deadpool Creating Awareness With “Touch Yourself” Video.

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Deadpool Creating Awareness With “Touch Yourself” Video.

In a new video, Ballboys, a UK-based charity aimed at raising awareness of testicular cancer, has teamed up with Fox and Deadpool to spread their message in a way that only Deadpool can. Deadpool encourages you to touch yourself in a PSA for testicular cancer awareness.

Ryan Reynolds suits up but this time round it has little to do with the upcoming movie. He is speaking up for a good cause -testicular cancer and he delivers the message with the right amount of zingers.

As one of the very few superheroes that is both a cancer survivor and an expert at dirty jokes, Deadpool is actually the perfect spokesman for testicular cancer awareness.

Cancer is a very serious thing; it claims millions of lives and joking about it can be a sensitive subject. However, who better to talk about testicular cancer than a guy who described his character Wade Wilson’s face as “a testicle with teeth.”

Deadpool talks about the seriousness of the deadly form of cancer in a hilarious and honest way.

“Gentlemen, how well do you know your happy sack?” he begins. Teaching men how to check their “menberries, or as he calls them, smooth criminals” for symptoms of testicular cancer.

He continues on with help of pictures of where and how men should check themselves. But warns viewers not to get sidetracked “Don’t get too excited, though. You’re on a mission here.”and successfully gets the message accross.

It’s a great watch and a great message. Check out Deadpool delivering a PSA about testicular cancer in his own informative and hilarious way.

In case you didn’t like the first take, here’s another of his PSA:


Deadpool, maybe the first comic book hero to actually save real people lives with some awesome humour.

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