Earn While You Learn Through Online Education

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Earn While You Learn Through Online Education

The trend of online education is soaring and why not? The new generation of university students is increasingly turning their interest to the emerging concept of earn while you learn through online education.

Today we have a lot of digital devices, better internet services, and better content facilitating online education. Many of the reputed universities around the USA and Australia are offering online degree programs. All over the USA and especially in developing countries where most of the students cannot afford the high tuition rates of the universities, online courses are becoming popular. Students need not attend physically.

Enrolling for an online degree program gives you a lot of freedom. First of all, it allows you flexibility. You do not have to physically be present for classes and listen to a string of lectures. With the time being saved, you can utilize that time in some part-time jobs like freelancing, online tutoring or be working in a service industry like in a posh coffee shop or a restaurant. Online studies will also benefit someone who is struggling to pay the exponentially rising cost of living abroad while studying.

If you are a mom and want to pursue your master’s degree but also have to manage your kids and family, an online degree is ideal.  Online degrees give you the ability to study anytime and anywhere. You will also receive the recording of the live class soon after the class dismisses via email from your professor. In online education, the screen of your computer or smartphone is your classroom. Online education is obviously a godsend for those who need to continue supporting their families or need to financially support themselves as they acquire their degree.

Some ways to learn and earn through online education

1. Online tutoring

Online tutoring is a great way of earning some extra cash. Alternatively, it is also a way for someone to save some cash as online tutoring is relatively cheap than the traditional home tuition we have. Online tutoring gives a wide range of choices of tutors to the students at any location.

If you are good at explaining topics regarding a specific subject then probably you should knock on the door of online tutoring agencies. They will ask you about your qualification and the kind of subject you want to teach online. For example, if you are an engineering student and love physics then you should tell the agencies that you want to be an online physics tutor. But before you become an online tutor, you will have to pass certain tests from the tutoring agencies. Being an online tutor pushes you to do research on a topic thoroughly before you teach. In this way, you learn and revise old topics that you almost forgot and at the same time you earn some cash.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is a hot topic nowadays because of the flexibility it gives to the freelancer. The best part of freelancing is, that you do not have any boss. Instead, you are your own boss. But before you become a freelancer you will have to be expert in something. For example, if you are good at writing even though you do not have a major in English, you can give it a try. There are numerous creative writing agencies online looking for talented writers. All you need is a portfolio. Other than the online agencies, you can open your gig for free in different freelancing portals like up work, Fiverr and many more. If you are not good at writing then worry not.

If you have some slight knowledge about programming but you are not an expert, then be one it is free. There are a lot of online education tutorials for programming on youtube. All you need is a bit of dedication and practice. Soon you will be able to earn online via those freelancing portals.

3. Service industry

Enrolled in an online degree program? If yes, then congratulations! Now you can apply to the posts of waiter or bartender in some posh restaurants and coffee shops like Starbucks. Even though the salary is not that decent in such kind of service industry but the tips change the game at the end of the day. Plus in companies like Starbucks, you get the flexibility of changing your shift with the other person if you get engaged in some other activity. Working in a service industry is also a pretty way of earning something while you are learning through online education.

The pros of having an online education:

1. Communication skills

Not being able to communicate face-to-face with the professors and fellow mates in the classrooms, the student receiving online education works hard to effectively communicate digitally, share information in non-traditional ways, listen and read carefully, and respond specifically and succinctly.

2. Organizational skills

The digital students learn to adapt according to their surrounding circumstances and organizes their routine accordingly. Like family and part-time or full-time work they have. The skill of organizing in an online student is way better than a traditional student.

3. Computer literacy

In today’s demanding industries computer literacy is a must. Being an online student gives you a headstart than a traditional student as you will have to do video conferencing with your professors, join discussion boards, do webinars and submit your presentations digitally. These activities run constantly in an online student’s life compared to a traditional student. Thus becoming an expert.

The cons of having an online education

There will always be advantages and disadvantages to every type of learning environment. Individuals need to make informative decisions on what is best for them: online, in a classroom or a combination of both.

For some, the lack of social interaction is a big drawback because it’s at the uni that you meet friends that will last you a lifetime. Others might find it difficult to keep motivated and to stay on track of their studies when away from the classroom environment.

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