How to Effectively Pack a Nappy Bag for the Weekend

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How to Effectively Pack a Nappy Bag for the Weekend

Getting away for the weekend with your wee one is a welcome reprieve from the daily drag of nap times, playgroups, and feedings. Of course, baby will still need to nap, play and eat while away, but a change of pace can do wonders for a parent’s mindset, while also providing positive stimulation for baby.

The nappy bag is one of the most important pieces of luggage you’ll pack for a weekend away. This is your quick go-to for all the things baby needs on the trip. You shouldn’t have to delve into heavier luggage to seek out necessities: pack your weekend nappy bag correctly and you are good to go.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1) Diapers: OK, this is obvious, but it’s important to have more than a couple thrown in there. Keep about half a dozen on hand, and refill from the extra supply you’ve brought for the weekend.

3) Cream and Screen. Nappy rash cream is insanely important to bring along. Our diets tend to change on trips, so even if baby is not eating yet, if she or he is nursing, things can erupt in the land down under, and make for irritated bums.Nappy Bag

Also remember to pack sunscreen specifically made for infants. Do not use adult sunscreen. The products designed for babies are made for a baby’s unique sensitive skin.  If you’re going to be outside for any significant amount of time, this should be readily available to apply as needed.

4) A change of clothes. To save valuable space, don’t pack an entire outfit. Think of this as your emergency option, and stick with a comfortable one-piece option, like a sleeper.

5) First aid. Prepare a mini-first aid kit for baby, complete with bandages, thermometer, baby cold and flu medicine, as well as all their relevant medical information. (This includes immunization records, health cards, and insurance information.) Of course you hope you don’t have to use any of this, but it’s good to have on hand.

6) Food and drink. Even if you’re exclusively nursing, the best laid travel plans can go to waste, so pack a bottle and two or three servings of formula. If you’re baby is older and eating and drinking other solids and liquids, bring a small supply of non-perishable snacks.

7) Instant Hand Sanitizer. Ever had to change the diaper of a tired and cranky baby on the side of the road? Things can get messy, so bring some instant hand-sanitizer so you can clean up.

8) Plastic Bags. Speaking of clean up, bring about a dozen plastic bags so you have a place to store dirty diapers, soiled clothing, and other baby related messes until you’re somewhere you can deal with it. This is especially important if you use cloth diapers. It’ll help contain the filth, and the smell!Zahra_Yellow bag

9) Nursing pads. Because feeding and napping times can get thrown off schedule on a roap trip, breastfeeding moms are wise to pack nursing pads to protect their bras and shirts from milk seepage.

10) Breastpump. Disruptions in schedule while travelling can leave nursing moms in a world of pain. Bring along your breast pump so you can keep production up and discomfort to a minimum. A handheld pump is more travel-size, but don’t shy away from bringing your entire mechanical pump. It will be especially helpful if you are leaving your baby in the care of a trusted friend or relative at some point during the trip. Not only will baby have a fresh supply of milk, but mom won’t have to risk mastitis for a bit of a break.

As exhaustive as this list may seem, babies can add the element of surprise to even the most subdued weekend getaway. Packing your nappy bag wisely will help keep baby happy, and the trip on course.

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