Energy Efficient Bathroom – The Essentials

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Energy Efficient Bathroom – The Essentials

Resource efficiency in the modern world has become the norm. With mindful homeowners across the globe introducing eco-friendly features in every part of their homes. In hopes of helping in the preservation of the environment, as well as making financial savings in the long run. With the growing scarcity of finite energy resources and the rate of climate change, household-wide energy efficiency is of the utmost importance.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most wasteful areas in any household is the bathroom. Containing showerheads, a water tank, a washing machine, a toilet and oftentimes a bidet. The bathroom is a place where resources are being consumed continuously. Here is the essential guide on how to easily create an energy-efficient bathroom – the essentials.

Energy efficient lighting

Lighting might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering the best choices for energy efficiency in the bathroom, but it plays a vital role nonetheless. Traditional incandescent light bulbs waste substantial amounts of energy, with more than 75% of power being wasted on heat. Fortunately, LED lighting has been around for quite some time, and is gaining popularity as the best cost-effective option for illuminating a green living environment. With more than 75% of the energy used for illumination, LED lighting not only shines brighter but lasts for years on end before needing replacement.

Energy Efficient Bathroom - The Essentials

Low-flow toilets

When trying to cut energy expenditure in the bathroom, it’s important to address the problem of water consumption and wastage. Bear in mind that up to 90% of your area’s electricity can be used to pump, extract, transfer, and distribute water to households, so minimising your consumption should be your no.1 priority.

To that end, you can start by replacing your old toilet with a contemporary, low-flow model. If you moved into a new home, your toilet probably already has a dual-flush system, allowing you to use more or less water depending on the situation. You can also install a converter that will allow you to optimise the water usage to your liking.

Efficient hot water system

Probably the most wasteful amenity in the entire household is the water heater; however, it is also an essential appliance no household can do without. If you are truly attempting to go green in your bathroom, you need to choose an eco-friendly heater. Such as a gas storage hot water system that produces far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other popular options. Unlike its conventional counterparts, contemporary gas heaters use less energy, leading to increased financial savings in the near future.

Sustainable showers

The age of wasteful showerheads is long gone, with the usual 2.5 gallons of water per minute flow rates being cut in half or more by modern, sustainable showerheads. While it might be difficult, if not impossible to tell the difference after replacing your old showerhead, you can rest assured that the new outlet maintains pressure constantly, thus not having to sacrifice water flow for efficiency.

Energy Efficient Bathroom - The Essentials

Efficient faucets

Working in a similar way as sustainable showerheads, efficient faucets are extremely easy to come by and install, decreasing your water usage by half. Installing faucet aerators is one of the most efficient ways to reduce water usage across the board. So, they are not just excellent for a green bathroom, but a green kitchen or backyard as well.

But don’t fear losing any of the water pressure, as aerators maintain high pressure continuously without sacrificing efficiency, just like sustainable showerheads. Another important thing to remember is to regularly check your faucets and pipework for leaks. This will allow you to reduce water wastage and prevent flooding in the future.

Introducing energy efficiency in your home is a prudent and cost-effective way to not only save money over the years, but also aid in the preservation of the environment. By installing these features and introducing eco-friendly appliances, you will have no problem creating an energy efficient bathroom for the new age.


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