What to Expect from Kitchen Trends in 2017

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What to Expect from Kitchen Trends in 2017

One should always feel pleasant in their kitchen. Colour schemes, up-to-date materials and layout solution play a key role in properly designing your kitchen! Here are some design trends to keep an eye out for in 2017.


What to Expect from Kitchen Trends in 2017 - Colours

If you are looking for fresh colours, the Tawny Color, Equator Yellow or Bali Hai Blue will go a long way in inspiring the feel of summer in your kitchen. We recommend that you combine these colours with a second monochromatic décor in a neutral colour. Expect the popular kitchen colours to be bright this season, yet with a somewhat mild edge.
On the other hand, the recent triumphant comeback that dark colours have made in interior design will doubtlessly influence the colour schemes of 2017, which brings us to the next point.

Black is the new white… no, literally!

The kitchens of our past were inspired by the colour white for a long, long, long time and a replacement was almost equally long overdue. It might seem strange, but the exact opposite seems to be working like a charm. With the mentioned comeback, it’s only natural that the sleekest of colours would come as a replacement for the rather monotonous white.
What’s more, it works perfectly with grey metallic countertops! Black refrigerators have been a trend for quite some time now, but if you’re looking for a perfect fit, you’ll want to reimagine your entire kitchen with the colour black in mind.

The reboot of the 80s

Going sleek and sharp is not to everyone’s taste – some are looking for a cozier, homier feel in their kitchens. Well, luckily, the age of hipsters (and I do not mean this as an insult) has revived a lot of eras and the 1980s are perhaps the most popular. Brass accessories, mirrored backsplashes and high-gloss surfaces have staged a comeback and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, contrary to the era in question, a variety of natural materials will switch the plastic look for a more comfortable atmosphere, unlike what we’re used to seeing in 1980s sitcoms. This is a good thing as the ‘plasticity’ is exactly what caused the trend to die in the first place.

Keeping it simple

What to Expect from Kitchen Trends in 2017 - Keeping it simple

Of course, the 2010s will always remain popular in terms of functionality. “If it’s stupid and it works, it’s not stupid” – this saying says a lot about the current generation’s way of thinking and you can’t say that there’s anything wrong with this philosophy. Apart from a quality refrigerator and other appliances, you don’t need to go crazy with spending. For example, Euro Appliances are a perfect all-in-one choice. They offer products ranging from cooktops and rangehoods, to gas ovens, stoves, microwaves, dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators. The best part is that they offer installation and repair services in addition.

Integrated kitchen-living spaces

The open floor plan concept is currently beyond popular for a reason – it will make your living space feel cozier, regardless of how small it is. Your kitchen doesn’t need to feel disconnected from the rest of your living area anymore. The integrated kitchen-living space concept will make your cooking space feel more comfortable without the walls separating it from the rest of your home!

These kitchen trends are the essence of what you can expect to be popular in 2017. Of course, not caring about what the modern trends dictate is always a legitimate way to go, but if you want to keep up with the rest of the world, you should follow these trends!

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