Food Aphrodisiacs to Get You in the mood for sex

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We all love sex and food  but good food can result in good sex. Two favourite past times I personally don’t mind overindulging in. Natural food aphrodisiacs can boost your sex drive and get you in the loving mood.

Here is a list of food aphrodisiacs to go for if you’re striving for better sex!

1.    Honey

Loaded with B vitamins, this sweet spread will boost both oestrogen and testosterone levels, which are important hormones when it comes to both men and women having a healthy sex drive. If your guy has a sweet tooth why not surprise him by spreading some honey on your nipples and giving him dessert in the bedroom? Make sure he washes you off in a hot and steamy shower afterwards!

2.    Oysters

Perhaps the most famous aphrodisiac, these little seafood delights have been gobbled throughout history to help increase men and women’s sex drives. Oysters are packed with iron, which will not only boost your energy – iron deficiency can lead to fatigue – but will also increase your sexual appetite. Oysters also contain heaps of zinc, which is the most important mineral for both men and women when it comes to fertility!

But the sexy benefits of oysters doesn’t stop there, they also contain amino acids, that can enhance your man’s performance, and make him last longer.

Make sure oysters are in the menu next time you’re planning for some hot action.

3.    Chocolate

We don’t need any valid excuse to eat chocolate but when told chocolate boosts your sex drive makes it the more appealing and desirable.

The best choice is pure, dark chocolate as it contains phenylethylamine. The substance plays an important role when it comes to feelings of infatuation and romantic love. The delicious treat also stimulates dopamine in the brain – which is the same happy hormone your body releases during sex. As an added bonus, chocolate contains caffeine to keep you awake long enough to take care of business. Can’t think of a better way to get in the mood!

4.    Hot Chilli

The capsaicin in peppers increases blood flow, and will give you flushed skin and swollen lips – sure fire ways to send your man into overdrive.

Peppers also cause the brain to release endorphins, which are a feel-good chemical.

So add some spice in your dinner tonight and set your bedroom on fire! Eating hot peppers is a sure way to spice up your love life!

5.    Avocado

Rich in Vitamin E, this sensuous, pear shaped fruit helps maintain vigour and energy – both of which are needed for a satisfying love life. Avocados are also packed with B6 vitamins, which will help you keep your energy up for a long and satisfying night. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are great mood enhancers, and will help you get in the mood for love and


Next time you’re hungry and frisky, try one, two or three of these natural aphrodisiacs and fulfil two cravings with one meal.


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