Funny Gym Wildlife Parody

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Funny Gym Wildlife Parody

Buff Dudes gym parody has turned the gym experience into a nature documentary that will have you in stitches. If you are a regular at a gym you’ll probably recognise yourself in this funny gym wildlife parody. Do you like to train in a pack or are you the timid type or a show off? Or have you dragged yourself back into the gym to burn those excess kilos you gained over Christmas?

We are all guilty of behaving strangely at the gym and having different motivations to go to the gym. The guys at Buff Dudes have put together a hilarious parody of your everyday gym goers and its culture. From easily excited teenagers to the vocal gym fanatic and the fit and sexy ladies who reject flirting males. Within all the humour there is a definite underlying message. Take a look into the strange environment of our gyms like you’ve never seen it before.


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