Gents, Time To Upgrade Your Undies.

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Gents, Time To Upgrade Your Undies.

Set some time aside and look through your underwear drawer. Pull all those unsightly underwear and just throw them in the bin. You need, you deserve underwear that feels and looks great.

Every man should live and die by the following underwear rules, or he shall never have a date for the rest of his life:

  1. Have a great fit
  2. Have no holes
  3. Be less than 3 years old
  4. Should not induce cringe when you drop your pant

All men need underwear, yes, but there is so much more to underwear than that thing that cups your manhood day in and day out. Every man deserves great underwear. Underwear that is more than just practical. It should be comfortable, clean, have a great fit and be sexy. Yes, you read that right

Lads, imagine you’re on a hot date and things are getting heated up so you move to your beautiful room. You take your Armani suit to reveal dingy, sweaty, old and loose underwear; your ladylove first impression of your junk has been ruined.   Unless she’s under the influence, mate, you are dead in the water!!

The challenge now is to go shopping for new underwear. There are a lot different styles, looks and degrees of quality and each one has its own place in a man’s wardrobe.

Depending on what kind of style ticks your fancy, whether you are a boxer brief or a briefs man.  You should look at the way they fit, the comfort they provide and for those nights where sexy is in the mix buy a handful of colourful, sexy numbers with a fun attitude. There are so many brands out there to choose from and it won’t break break your bank.

For inspiration here are a few selection of undies:

Boxer briefs



photo credit: MeUndies

As an online-only company, Californian brand MeUndies manages to keep your costs low while still offering top-quality goods.

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

 photo credit:Nordstrom

Simple, soft and virtually seameless. These cotton boxer briefs from fashion house Emporio Armani are slim enough to fit under pretty much any pants — let alone look good when the pants come off.



MeUndies Briefs

photo credit:MeUndies

MeUndies briefs are guaranteed to keep you fresh and moisture-free at all times. They have many prints to choose from.

Sunspel Superfine Brief

Sunspel Superfine

photo credit: mrporter

They are 100% cotton, super comfortable for everyday option. They are cut high up the leg.

Ralph Lauren Low-Rise Brief

Ralph Lauren

 photo credit:Nordstrom

Cut low to fall just below the hipbones, these are a sexy little number for when your pants come down.

Lads dress up your junk to impress.


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