Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

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Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

A perfect wedding story is something both the bride and groom wish for. There are certain things grooms can take over during the wedding planning process. Contrary to the popular belief that brides are always the one responsible for wedding planning, the grooms do it too.

Here’s a list of typical tasks grooms can take over during the process and contribute to having a memorable wedding celebration. A short guide to the groom’s guide to wedding planning.

Take care of his appearance

It’s not just about the suit and tie. It’s about finding the right suit that feels like the perfect choice for your big day. You can go for a custom made suit or pick a suit available in stores. Either way, it has to be a good fit. If you want to lose weight and get toned before the wedding, don’t buy a suit until you reach the desired look. Once you do, pick a suit, make sure it fits well. Find the right shoes and other accompanying details. Right before the wedding, get a haircut, shave your beard or trim it to achieve a sophisticated look.

Book a photographer and videographer

A picture is worth a thousand words, so find the right photographer and videographer in time. This is something that should be taken care of 9 to 12 months before the wedding because the good ones are always booked in advance. Research your options well, look at their portfolio, compare their creativity and prices and pick the one that fits your criteria. The wedding memories can last forever when you have the most memorable moments caught forever in the moment.

Find a wedding car

This is the time to make a proper statement with a wedding car. You can choose a car of your dreams, an oldtimer, a classic limousine or something classy like something from a luxury Mercedes class. Think of your general wedding style and pick transportation that easily fits into that category. Don’t pick something that doesn’t compliment your general wedding style. If you’re having a traditional wedding ceremony, pick something like a vintage car. If your going for a modern type of wedding, pick something luxurious and modern.

Make sure the party never stops

The main idea behind a wedding ceremony is to celebrate tying the knot with the nearest and dearest people in your life. You are happy and you’re grateful that you get to share this special moment with them. That’s why you should find the right wedding band like Jackson Broadway wedding band so you and your guests can dance the night away. The right choice of music can only elevate the entire celebration and make everyone dance. Put your dancing shoes on and bust your dancing moves with your Mrs. Your guests will follow your example and join in on the fun.

Pick a great honeymoon destination

Honeymoon planning and organization is typically the groom’s task. It can either be a surprise or something you’ve agreed with the bride. It’s best if you narrow down destination choices with your bride to avoid disappointment. You should both enjoy the honeymoon so make sure the destination is a mutual choice. You can plan the travel itinerary on your own and make sure not a day goes by without at least one interesting activity. Prepare everything in advance so you’ll make everything easier and you won’t have to deal with any last-minute activities. Most importantly, check whether your passports are up to date so you can travel abroad with ease.

Discuss the wedding attire with the groomsmen 

When you finalize the groomsmen selection, it’s time to discuss the dress code. Your party should reflect your own dress code and dress similarly to you. If you plan on wearing a tux, they should too. In case you decide to pick a fitted suit, they should get dressed in the same manner. Also, groomsmen traditionally wear a suit or a tux of the same colour, just like the bridesmaids wear the same dress. Help your friends make the right choice by accompanying them so you’ll all look nice and sharp.


Lastly, be present during the entire wedding planning. When your bride asks you for opinion, be clear about it and help as much as you can. It is a long and stressful process, but with the right steps, everything can go as planned.


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