Hookups, How To Do it Smart And Safe!

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Hookups, How To Do it Smart And Safe! 

Hooking up can be fun, especially if you follow some basic, smart rules to keep safe. Hooking up is not for everyone but in the event that out of spontaneity you like to venture there here are 6 basic rules that will make you enjoy the experience and ensure your safety too. Hookups, how to do it the smart and safe guidelines:

1.    Do it for yourself

You want it because you are attracted to the person, you are felling horny, you want to try something new and have a new sexual experience.

2.    Be clear with what you want out of your fling

You need to let your new partner know what you want and like. Don’t be afraid to say in a sexy whisper: ‘yes, please more’ or ‘no, thanks I don’t like that’. Or lead his hand to where you want to be touched, and get in the position that helps you orgasm. Aim at being bold, this is no time to be shy because you are after all with a complete strange who has no idea what buttons to press to get you to orgasm.

3.    Say ‘No’ to things that you don’t want

The main reason for regrets and distress after a hookup is the failure to firmly say ‘no’ when you are being pressured to do something you do not like. Hookups are synonymous to ‘experiment and try new sexual acts’ but of course it has to be with the right person. If you don’t feel ready to try anything new that night firmly say ‘no’ even if you have to raise your voice slightly to get your point across.

4.    One night stand.

Make sure you establish from the onset that this is nothing more than casual sex.

5.    Be Safe

When you don’t know someone you can’t trust him to tell you the truth so make sure you use condoms. Carrying condoms and lubes with you might be handy and learn how to use them properly.

6.    Avoid Jerks

The kind we talking about are the manipulative, aggressive, narcissistic and sexist kind. They are the types that will not care for your pleasure or well-being. Stay way from these men, there are plenty of nice and respectful men out there to hook up with.

Last words on the topic, some people object to the hooking up culture; it might be good advice to surrender yourself with people who do not judge you because of your sexual lifestyle. However, if you must surround yourself by people who will judge you, keep things quiet and be discreet.



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