How beauty is perceived around the globe

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How beauty is perceived around the globe

It is no wonder that people around the world have an utterly different perception of beauty. Since beauty still remains in the eye of the beholder. Meaning; “beautiful” lady might not be equally beautiful for every single man. However, nations across the globe have proved that the notion of beauty is interchangeable. For some people, beauty is in the soul, in the character, mind or in witty and easy-going attitude. Thus, beauty remains an elusive notion that is interpreted as a totally personal virtue. Yet, we can still characterize how physical aesthetic and attractiveness is seen throughout the diverse cultures all over the world. Read on to see how beauty is perceived around the globe.

The flawless Korean look

How beauty is perceived around the globe

Many women in Asia tend to show off their natural beauty by keeping the pampering to a minimum. Immaculate care and cleanliness is the key. You will never see a tanned Korean girl because pale skin is a sign of beauty. Their skin looks so meticulous and beautiful because they avoid the sun at all cost. Plus they walk around with visors (those funny looking hats) and put a 20 SPF no matter the weather. In order to express their natural beauty, even more, Korean ladies will wear timid makeup to boost their attractiveness. This is done by enhancing their one-of-a-kind double eyelids with makeup that makes them stand out from the rest of the world.

Displaying the new nose job in Iran

Even though many women from this part of the world are not so keen on showing their hair and body to strangers. They prefer covering it with a hijab, they certainly are proud of their nose job. Unlike Australian ladies, who are not so willing to show that they have undergone plastic surgery to the crowd. Women in Iran will wear the bandage log after they have successfully completed their rhinoplasty. Nevertheless, slowly but surely the cosmetic surgery trends in Australia are shifting, and just like women in Iran they will feel relaxed to present their beauty to the world.

The Indian colourful boost

How beauty is perceived around the globe

Probably you have seen a Bollywood movie or some clip or trailer that shows numerous gorgeous ladies singing and dancing in ravishing and mesmerizing outfits. Indian women are known for showing their beauty by wearing multicoloured dresses. Topping the look with gold necklaces, emerald earrings, and rings. Let’s not forget about henna. Indian women use henna tattoos on their arms in order to accessorize their already stunning natural look. Often for special occasions like weddings. Nevertheless, there is their natural, long, black, shiny hair. If there is something outlandish that Indian ladies can boast about it is their perfect healthy hair.

USA – the bigger the better

How beauty is perceived around the globe

It is a widespread fact that men in America want for their ladies to have a little bit of extra flesh. In the USA, skinny look has never been a symbol of beauty, but having a firm and “juicy” bottoms is more preferable. Many celebrities like Nicky Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian all promote big butts as having a sexy asset. This might be a healthy notion to promote since bulimia and anorexic days have never been seen as good ones. Moreover, big lips, bold lipstick, big breast, and even intense and bold makeup is something that will characterize American women from all the others.

The peculiar Maori beauty visualization

One extremely strange and uncommon beauty tradition of tattooing their faces, lips, and chin diversifies New Zealand’s Maori women from the rest of the world. This peculiar tradition has been present for ages, and it is their way of attracting a mate. Tattooing black and dark blue patterns and symbols on their faces is known as Ta Moko. No matter the peculiarity, the tattoos on women’s faces reflect and states their genuine beauty which still has an alluring effect on men. Even though the tradition has altered over time, face tattooing remains a taboo topic in many other countries.

Beauty representations around the globe may differ but they do remain an important part of the cultural landscape. It is perfectly okay for cultures to have their own ideas about what makes one beautiful. As the trends shift with time, so does the perception of impeccable beauty.


Fiona Adams is a freelance lifestyle writer inspired by traveling and colorful world around her. Different cultures, people and food make her want to stay on the road forever.

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