How to cook perfectly hard-boiled eggs

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How to cook  perfectly hard-boiled eggs

Do you still boil your eggs and end up with half of them sticking to their shells?

Do you want softer, creamier eggs without the sulfuric bitterness that over-boiled eggs suffer from?
It is time to reconsider how you cook hard-boiled egg. For the most evenly cooked, creamier and tender hard boiled eggs, forget the boiling water, use a steamer instead.

This method of cooking is a gentler manner of cooking your eggs. The eggs are also less likely to crack during steam cooking since they are not bumping into each other as when you boil them in hot water. This is the best method for perfectly hard cooked eggs that are relatively easy to peel.

Easy to peel eggs are achieved by plunging the eggs directly into hot steam as only science can explain.

In addition, chilling the eggs immediately after boiling ensures that they come out perfectly shaped.

This is how to steam your eggs.

Add about an inch of water to the bottom of a pot.
Insert a steamer, cover the pot and put it on the heat. Once the water has heated enough to start steaming, gently add the eggs using tongs and cover with lid. Cook for about six minutes for soft eggs and 11-12 minutes for hard eggs. Then plunge them in cold water to stop them from cooking further and to ensure they retain their shape.

See how Chef John at food wishes does it.


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