How to Dress Like an Italian Bombshell

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How to Dress Like an Italian Bombshell

What do Monica Bellucci, Federica Ridolfi, and Nicole Minetti have in common, aside from their Italian origin? Their effortless sensuality would be one guess and their raw sex appeal another. You’d be right in both cases. You’ll see many an English supermodel proud of her superior elegance and class. A mighty New Yorker flaunting her pure vigour, but few can mimic that Italian flair you’ll see when you visit this Mediterranean country. Sitting in a local café, swaying in the cobbled streets, and basking in the sun on the beach.

It takes years of practice, careful observation, and plenty of trial and error for the rest of us, mere mortals, to master this mysteriously alluring approach. Because let’s face it, it’s not down to your choice of garments or accessories, but to the attitude. However, the clothes and the addons do help build up the attitude, so you can soon call yourself a true Italian bombshell! Let’s look at how to dress like an Italian bombshell.

Master the heal strut

How to Dress Like an Italian Bombshell

Italian shoes, much like luxury Italian cars, need not only to be fitted to your specific needs but also maintained on a regular basis. Only then can you expect your posture to reflect the signature Italian confidence of a lady walking down a cobbled street. With her head held high and majestic shades covering her eyes as if she doesn’t need to watch carefully her every step.

Now, you need to go for brands such as Sergio Rossi that combine prestige with comfort in such a seamless way that their most dangerously-looking pumps will give your feet a real pamper. With these babies on, you can make any pair of jeans, pants, or a dress look delicious in a matter of a few confident strides.

Get into beach mode

No matter if you come from the urban corners of the US or the unrelenting cold of Iceland, if you want to awaken your inner Donna, you need to equip yourself with Mediterranean-worthy beach pieces to keep you sultry for every upcoming vacation. For starters, you need stunning Italian swimwear by Contessa Volpi in the form of a two-piece timeless bikini or a one-piece retro swimsuit that you can embellish with a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses.

Opt for patterns such as polka dots or subtle stripes that never go out of style, while solid colours also prevail as a top choice for Italian ladies everywhere. Why? Because they are always fresh and always perfect for match-making with beach jewellery for the next season!

Make your statement

How to Dress Like an Italian Bombshell

A gorgeous Italian woman will never be seen wearing too many prominent items, not for the sake of humility, but for the sake of preserving the very essence of fashion and balance. By selecting one prominent statement piece, you can continue to build your ensemble around it every time, and for every occasion. Whether it’s a layered necklace, your Prada tote, or your favourite earrings, the choice is ultimately yours.

The laws of spotless Italian dressing let you be in the mood for that one piece for the day, and not settle for a suit and then abandon your desire for that pearl necklace. Fashion is here for you to make a statement, and Italian women will always say yes to a piece that resonates with their mood and their preference in any given moment, but still retain elegance as they work around it.

Fitted is sexy

How to Dress Like an Italian Bombshell

There will always be designers and seasons when oversized is the way to go, and the mini skirt and the crop top seized the throne for a moment. However, as the epitome of timeless style, Italians will always stick to a fitted garment instead of the trendy oversized piece or the tantalizingly mini one.

Let those curves breathe, ladies, in dresses that follow the silhouette of your body, and button-downs that caress the contour of your cleavage. There’s no shame in being proud of yourself, as long as you show that pride with taste.

Ultimately, the best way to learn from the best is to observe them and make sure to recognize your own passionate self yearning to come out of the shell. Use this as your inspiration to explore your femininity, power, and sensuality through fashion, and soon enough, you’ll see that Italian fashionista within emerge!

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