How to Modernize Your Bathroom Quickly and Efficiently

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How to Modernize Your Bathroom Quickly and Efficiently

We spend a lot of time in our bathroom, so as the years go by, we start noticing the imperfections. The tile colour you chose might have been a miss, or the sink might look outdated. However, you don’t have to break down the walls and start from scratch. A few small changes can quickly make your bathroom look more attractive and up to date. Whether your bathroom has gone out of style or you need a change, here are some tips on how to modernizing your bathroom quickly and efficiently.

Swap the Fixtures

An easy way to boost the look of your sink and tub without any major renovation is changing the faucets. Swapping your old and outdated fixtures to shiny, modern-looking alternatives will immediately change the appeal of your bathroom. You can go for sleek designs or choose something unique. Depending on the rest of your design, you can even consider copper or rose gold, which will elevate the space. Finally, make sure you give some thought to your showerhead. An old, low-pressure showerhead ruins any chance you have at creating a modern bathroom. Go for a low-flow massage showerhead, and your bathroom will not only look but also feel more upscale.

How to Modernize Your Bathroom Quickly and Efficiently

Bring in Some New Colors

Sometimes, we see a bathroom, and it simply screams dated because of its colors and tile design. If this sounds familiar, you might think that you need to remove all your tiles and redo your bathroom completely. However, before you start, consider whether you can play with what you currently have to create a better visual effect. For instance, you can paint some of your tiles an accent color and make them the focal point. Or you can even repaint all of your tiles with spray paint and enjoy a completely different look. Simply choosing a more modern, statement color for the walls can also help contrast the tiles and freshen them up. But the walls and tiles are not the only things you can breathe new life into some paint. You can also consider refinishing your bathtub if it has seen better days.

Boost the Lighting

An old bathroom is also often poorly lit. Needless to say, this further diminishes its attractiveness, and it simply makes you feel depressed. You don’t need to invest a lot to improve this aspect of your bathroom. Just make sure that light is not coming from a single light source alone. For a super sleek feel, go for a backlit mirror and several additional light sources where you need them most. For instance, a built-in ceiling lamp above your shower allows you to see better while not getting in the way. Good lighting will also help you make the space appear bigger if your bathroom is on the smaller side.

How to Modernize Your Bathroom Quickly and Efficiently

Install a Bidet

If you want to boost the functionality of your bathroom, consider installing a bidet. Bidets not only make your everyday life more comfortable; they can actually be a life-changer for the elderly and disabled. They allow for better hygiene and better independence, and they simply scream modernity. There are types of bidets that might make you think you will need to renovate your bathroom to incorporate them. However, you don’t even need to have extra space for a bidet addition. Nowadays, bidet seats are a practical solution. Check out a bidet store and see which model fits your bathroom and toilet the best.

How to Modernize Your Bathroom Quickly and Efficiently

Add Some Decoration

Finally, you can also make your bathroom look more modern by merely decorating it. However, steer clear of too much decoration as clutter is never a good thing. It will be the opposite of the sleek, minimalist, modern design you want to achieve. So add wall decor sparingly and keep the rest of the decor to a minimum, too. For instance, a couple of scented candles should be enough. Another great option you have is making your mirror the focal point by giving it a special frame. This is a good idea if you don’t want to go out of your way to bring in more items. You can choose a frame that complements your fixtures and create a cohesive design.

Final Words

Modernizing your bathroom does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can do a lot with what you currently have and a few creative solutions. Add to this one or two great additions such as a bidet and a massage showerhead, and you’re done.

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