How to Snoop on Child’s Phone Using Android Spyware App

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How to Snoop on Child’s Phones Using Android Spyware App?

Are you concerned about your kid’s excessive mobile phone use? Teens of this digital era spend most of their waking hours sticking to their mobile phones exchanging texts, photos and videos with their fellows. The excessive and unsupervised use of the mobile phones can put negative influence on the physical, mental and psychological health of children. Parents are obligated to monitor the mobile phone use of their kids to protect them from the menaces of the digital world such as cyber-bullying, sexting, child molestation, pornography and scamming.

Fortunately, there are cell-phone monitoring apps that enable parents to track their kids’ Android mobile phones without taking them into possession. With the help of Android spy app, you can check out your kids’ messages, listen to their phone calls and record their online activities without letting them know. Read on to know how the Android spyware app helps parents to secretly monitor their children’s mobile phones.

How does Android Spyware App Work?

The parents can monitor almost every single activity of their kids using the Android surveillance software. Once you download and install the spyware on the mobile phone of your kid, you can remotely track that device through the online account of the monitoring app. After installation, the tracking app gets access to the target phone’s data including messages, contacts, call logs, media files, internet browsing history and emails. This data is then uploaded to the online account from where parents can monitor and download it.

How to Monitor Kids’ Phones Using Android Spyware App?

The Android surveillance software comes preloaded with innumerable high-tech features to remotely monitor and control the target Android phone. Given are the main features of the spyware that enable parents to snoop on their kids’ phones.

Spy on Messages

The messages received and transmitted from the monitored Android phone can be read via an online spyware account. It includes SMS, MMS and instant messages exchanged via WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO and other instant messengers.

Track Phone Calls

The Android tracking app tracks the phone calls received and made via monitored cell phone of kids. It records all incoming and outgoing phone calls and provides parents with these recorded calls and call logs.

Monitor Social Media Apps

The commonly used social networking apps including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Kik, Telegram, Tumblr and Skype can be tracked with the best Android tracking app. Parents can protect their kids from the menaces of the social media which include bullying, predation and sexting among others. You can check out your kids’ social media posts, status updates and media-file sharing. Also, you can keep an eye on your teens’ friends and followers list to make sure they are not in contact with scoundrels.

Track GPS Location

The surveillance software lets you find the whereabouts of your kids. You can track their locations to find out their exact current location and previous locations within a specific period. The geo-fencing lets you mark multiple areas to prevent kids from entering unsafe zones.

Take Screenshots

The real-time and on-demand screenshots let you capture every single activity of your kids performed on the monitored phone. These screenshots get uploaded on the secret monitoring account from where you can see and download them.

Use Secret Cameras

What if you could have a secret camera to capture your kids’ activities? The Android surveillance app lets you control the cameras of the monitored Android phones to capture your kids’ activities remaining away from them.

Operate Secret MIC

The tracking app lets you remotely turn on the microphone of the tracked mobile device. You can listen to the sounds and voices hearable near the monitored phone.

Monitor Web History

The Android spyware app lets you monitor the internet activities of your kids. It syncs the internet browsing history and uploads to monitoring app account.

Track Emails & Keylogs

The emails transmitted and received via Gmail can be tracked with the help of Android spyware. Also, the keystrokes can be recorded to get the email addresses, usernames and passwords of the online accounts operated on the monitored device.

That’s not all. There are numerous other features that let you keep the online and offline activities of your kids under surveillance without breaking the bank. Visit the official website of Android Spyware app to know more about the application.

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