Improve your sex life with these 10 Yoga poses.

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Improve your sex life with these 10 Yoga poses.

Nobody really likes to exercise; it’s painful, takes a lot of discipline and at times humiliating. However, when you put exercise and sex in one sentence people will pay attention.

Yoga is good for all parts of your body and it doesn’t require bouncing about, running or sweating too much. Yoga has been proven to increase flexibility, improve respiration, increase muscle strength and diminish stress.

However, the best thing about yoga too is that it greatly improves sex lives, with hip opening, Kegel strengthening and groin stretching poses. World Lifestyle put together this infographic of the top 10 best yoga poses to take your sex life to the next level:


While reaping the benefits of the increased blood flow and stamina in the bedroom, you might also want to try out practicing these yoga poses naked to spice things up and taking sex from better to amazing.

What better excuse to get started on yoga!



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