Instagram’s New Shopping Feature Will Let You Shop In The App

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Instagram’s New Shopping Feature Will Let You Shop In The App

Instagram has always had a different feel to Facebook or Twitter. It has influencers that through clever photography and video entice their followers. While Facebook and Twitter are more information oriented,  Instagram is decidedly more visual. It takes its followers through a visual trip into the desired ideal, picture upon picture illuding and tempting them – almost like window shopping of sorts. Sometimes you see something that you would like to buy, and you have to look for it outside Instagram platform to buy it.  A rather tedious and longwinded exercise. Until now!


Instagram has identified the problem and now you have Instagram new shopping feature. Which means you will be able to shop while on the platform. Get ready to never leave Instagram…


Instagram rolled out a new feature early this week called Checkout, which will allow users to shop through the app. No more leaving the app to buy what you saw on Instagram, that is a thing of the past.

According to BuzzFeed News, users will be able to choose between paying with credit card or PayPal when shopping, although they will be able to add a PIN for extra security.


There are only 20 brands that have signed up for Instagram Checkout during its trial, as per Fast Company. Now it’ll be so much easier to simply click on what you want and continue scrolling to possible other purchases.


The bigger danger, of course, will be your wallet because this is going to make shopping too easy.

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