Lipstick Colours That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

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Lipstick Colours That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Every woman strives to achieve the perfect smile. This mission involves practising a natural smile, having good oral hygiene and adding some makeup. Lipsticks bring colour and statement to the whole makeup and every woman loves them. However, not all of them will help your smile look stunning. There are some colours that will make your teeth appear more yellow, so you need to learn which ones will bring out the best in your teeth.


Two lips with nude lipstick

Nude shades are the most difficult to pick. Most of them are rather brown or peach, which makes your teeth appear yellow. The best and safest option is to go with a pink nude. Stay away from the hues that are too warm and your teeth will always look white. What is more, you should opt for those shades of nude that have a bit of a blue shimmer in order to add some gloss.

When it comes to nudes, you don’t want your teeth to look yellow but you also don’t want your lips to appear chapped, and that’s why a little bit of gloss is a great choice.

Light Pink

Pink shades, especially the light ones, lack the dark contrast that makes your teeth pop. Thus, they are really tricky to choose. The best option is to go for the shades of pink with blue undertones, which means that you should stay away from orange and coral undertones. Those two warm colours will only make the teeth appear slightly more yellow, while the cool undertones, such as berry-hued light pinks, will provide the necessary contrast that will visually whiten your teeth.

Dark Pink

A similar rule can be applied to dark pinks – go for berry hues. Once again, pink shades tend to have plenty of orange and coral undertones and you need to eliminate those from your lipstick options. Thus, berry hues are perfect because they are filled with blue and purple tones that are strong and do wonders for your smile. Also, you can opt for slightly sheer, glossy formulas which will bring out the best in your smile, unlike the more matte-like pink variations.


dark haired woman staring into . the camera

Unfortunately, almost all dark shades of lipsticks will make your teeth appear slightly yellow. This is especially common with purple tones because they usually have some brown or pink hues. However, you can make your dark purple lipstick work for you if you choose the shade with pink undertones. Such undertones will make your teeth whiter, unlike the brown-toned ones. Also, you should stay away from brown shades, which do look classy, but won’t do your teeth any favours. On the other hand, if you prefer darker shades of lipstick because they go with your style, you can always deal with the yellow teeth by visiting a cosmetic dentist in Sydney to get them whitened. Practically, if you whiten your teeth, you can rock any shade of lipstick you want.

Veneers are also a good choice if you want to completely transform your smile. The reason they are so popular is that they appear and feel just like your teeth. By using latest computer modelling you can now select your preferred tooth shape and size. So if you want to achieve the most natural look make sure you get your porcelain veneers.


red lipstick

Some red lipsticks tend to have orange, pink or blue undertones. While the pink tones are relatively neutral, the orange ones will make your teeth slightly yellower, making the blue tones a perfect option for a stunning white smile. Just like with any other colour, blue undertones will cancel out the yellow and orange ones leaving you with a perfectly white smile.

It is safe to conclude that orange and yellow undertones will make your teeth look slightly more yellow. Thus, you should always look for shades of lipsticks with blue undertones that will cancel out the orange and yellow hues of your teeth and make them appear whiter. You can also go with pink undertones, which are neutral and still great for preserving a pearly white smile. With all that in mind, choose wisely and keep smiling.

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