How to Make Your Backyard Look Luxe for Less

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How to Make Your Backyard Look Luxe for Less

As warmer weather approaches we venture outside again to get enjoyment from our home’s outdoor space. Chances are, it may have been a bit neglected during the colder months and could use a spruce up. You may have even caught yourself dreaming of a having magazine-worthy backyard built for summer entertaining. But, before you decide it would be too expensive to achieve, you should know that you don’t need to engage a professional landscape designer to attain that luxe look. Here are some tips to get you started on how to make your backyard look luxe for less.

Make space

Creating designated sections for different purposes can give your backyard that well-planned look often associated with professional landscaping. For instance, you might consider having a dining area, a barbeque and bar area, garden space and a pool area for relaxing.

Laying different ground coverings is the easiest way to differentiate these sections. If it’s within your budget, why not pave an area in your backyard with sandstone? Alternatively, you can get creative with ways to divide the spaces. For example, you could embed flat stones into the lawn to create a pathway which could give the effect of separating one area from another. You could also use attractive planters down one length of a section to separate it from another space.

Keep it clean

When planning your backyard makeover, it’s important to remember that excess does not equal expensive. A minimalist look has the advantage of creating a luxe feel for less. Achieve this by ensuring pathways have clean lines or pavers set in geometric patterns.

That includes maintaining your lawn well. Weed, fertilise and mow regularly. A little maintenance goes a long way to help your backyard look expensive.

Lawn Care

As for colour, stick to just one bright one, and pair it with white or charcoal which is becoming increasingly popular. Your yard is already green after all, so make sure the other colours you use will complement the greenery.

Re-think garden beds

Remove those overgrown plants and replace them with ornamental grasses for high-end landscape appeal. Tired of re-mulching your gardens every year or two? Get rid of your old mulch or woodchip and replace it with pebbles. They are much longer-lasting so won’t require upkeep and give your garden a ‘spa-like’ feel.

Update pool fencing

If your standard aluminium pool fence is looking worse for wear, consider upgrading to safety glass. Because it is less visually obstructive and has minimalist appeal, a glass fence can quickly bring a luxe feel to your yard. Get the look for less by purchasing from a leading glass fence supplier and installing it yourself with their DIY instructions.

Pool Fencing

Match the furniture

It’s also best to have matching furniture sets when trying to achieve a luxe look for your backyard. You can, of course, buy new, but you can get the same look for less by updating existing furniture. Give your old timber furniture setting new life by stripping it back and re-varnishing or painting. It doesn’t even have to be an outdoor setting; you can get creative and do this with old kitchen furniture too.

Experiment with outdoor rugs

There are now options for outdoor rugs that are inexpensive and beautiful. A rug is an ideal way to ground a seating area. Keep it looking fresh by vacuuming regularly and storing for times it’s not in use.

Stunning Backyard with splash pool and sunchairs

Now that your backyard looks stunning, it’s time to enjoy it. Your home is sure to become the entertaining hot-spot for your friends and family. Remember to keep that pool clean and mow the grass regularly and you’ll be set for all the entertaining the warm weather can bring.

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