Mistakes to Avoid When Building A New Home

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Mistakes to Avoid When Building A New Home

Building the home of your dreams is such an extensive and life-changing project. It’s no wonder you’re starting to panic a bit. While there are literally hundreds of factors you’ve already considered, budgeted, and incorporated into the design. There are always those little problems that might not become apparent until it’s too late. In order to avoid having to make costly repairs and adaptations after the house has already been built. Be sure to circumvent the following mistakes future homeowners regularly make. These are the mistakes to avoid when building a new home.

Plan your HVAC system carefully

Your HVAC system should be sized to meet the needs of your family. Without wasting energy or posing a threat to your health down the road. A poorly planned HVAC system can lead to numerous problem in the long run by creating moisture and supporting mould growth. Moisture and mould can affect the respiratory health of the occupants and cause the development of asthma in both children and adults.

But this is only one problem, as a poorly sized HVAC system can use too much energy trying to cool down or heat up a large room. On the other hand, an oversized unit will waste precious energy needlessly, inflating your utility bill. Remember that the HVAC system is not something to plan once the project is finished.  It should rather be incorporated in the initial design.

Mistakes to Avoid When Building A New Home

Avoid poor illumination

Long gone are the days of dark, poorly illuminated homes with low ceilings and small windows. In the modern world, it’s all about letting natural light permeate the household as much as possible. To achieve this, carefully plan out the window scheme in every room and also consider the orientation of the house itself. For extra illumination during the day, don’t forget to put skylights into the initial design.

Make sure every room has a purpose

Room planning is an extensive, time-consuming, and extremely delicate task, and you should not be doing it alone. While you might think you have the perfect layout all figured out in your head, you need to hear what a professional, as these Sydney-based new home builders, has to say, guiding you through the process from start to finish, and giving you their two cents on how every room should be positioned. Remember that the position and purpose of the rooms in your home will directly affect one another. By either creating an amazing space to live in or a stressful living environment depending on the initial design.

Consider the positioning of the bedroom

Speaking of positioning and purpose, the bedroom (and kitchen for that matter) should be given special consideration, as one needs to radiate intimacy and peace, and the other should be functional and welcoming. The bedroom should be nowhere near the garage or the central living areas such as the living room or the kitchen. This will ensure peace and privacy, so make sure you position the bedroom at the far end of the house.

Mistakes to Avoid When Building A New Home

Don’t forget about the kitchen either

The kitchen also requires special consideration in terms of placement and positioning. You want to avoid making the common mistake of positioning the kitchen far away from the main point of entry. Instead, place it near the garage, the back entrance or the central living area. This will be a more practical choice. As it will allow you to bring in the groceries with ease and quickly go back and forth between the kitchen and other rooms.

Plan the space with your future in mind

Finally, too many future homeowners make the inadvertent mistake of building a home designed for their current needs. While living in the present is great, it won’t do you any good in five years when you find yourself having to tear down a wall in order to build a nursery. So be sure to plan well into the future, and let your contractor create a design that will accommodate your goals and long-term aspirations as well.

Building your first home is a grand step towards a happy and prosperous future. However, building an ideal first home takes plenty of time and careful consideration. Be sure to avoid costly problems down the road by tending to these problems in the early stages of construction planning.


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