New ‘Donut Selfie’ Technique

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New ‘Donut Selfie’ Technique

Have you heard of the interesting new ‘Donut Selfie’ technique? It  could be the next trend and it actually it pretty neat. What is it? A ‘Donut Selfie’ is an interesting take on the video ‘selfie’ that uses a panoramic technique to create a perpetual, seamless ‘selfie’ across multiple locations.

There are similar techniques out there but nothing quite like what Karen X.Cheng’s new ‘donut’ version, since you can create one from start to finish using just a phone.

The theory behind it is very simple actually:

  1. Use front-facing camera on your smartphone.
  2. Take a video from one side of your head and capture your face and the scenery in the background as you ‘orbit’ the camera around to the other side.
  3. You repeat the process as many times in as many places as you’d like.
  4. Then create the complete ‘donut selfie’ by cleverly editing the final videos together.

Seems pretty straight forward. Luck for us Karen kindly put a three-part tutorial for us, showing exactly how it is done:

Tutorial One.

Tutorial Two.

Final tutorial -Three

This is how the final product looks like.


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