Perfect selfie time: minimal effort for maximum result

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Perfect selfie time: minimal effort for maximum result

Everybody knows what a selfie is, and love it or hate it, you’d be lying if you said that you’ve never taken one.

With the rise of social media and photography-friendly websites (yes, Facebook and Instagram, I’m looking at you), selfies have become a major hit not only with teens but with adults as well, celebrities and politicians included. People are even doing serious research on the subject, and when I say “research” I don’t mean only from the perspective of the psychological and sociological phenomenon. Believe it or not, people are actually trying to find science-proof ways of taking a selfie (and none too soon, because apparently, the world was going to take Kim Kardashian’s advice and waste a ton of time just snapping away, and then having 300+ selfies to choose from).

Sadly, until the moment comes and science once again solves all our problems, we’ll just have to rely on common sense, so here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to everybody’s favorite past-time.

1. The Dreaded Angle

Just find one that works and stick to it. The common opinion (seconded here) is that the most forgiving angle is 45 degrees with the camera raised slightly above your head. In theory, it should hide any double chin that may otherwise rear its ugly head, and is also reasonably effective with the little bags under your eyes. Of course, try not to go overboard, if you don’t want to look ridiculous.

Perfect selfie time: minimal effort for maximum result

2. Light

Again, the common opinion is that natural light works best. It may seem a bit too bright sometimes, but it will do a splendid job in hiding away any small imperfections of the skin. If you are in a dark place, say a club, try to avoid using the flash. I know it sounds strange, but it would be better to find a bit gentler source of light, such as candles. Avoid neon at all costs. No good selfie was ever taken under a neon light.

3. Background

A very important aspect indeed. Do you remember all the toilet-selfies with clogged toilets in the background? Just be mindful of what you’re showing to all the followers on Instagram and don’t make such mistakes, because the Internet is a harsh place and no one will let you ever live it down. Obviously, we are not always standing in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, so objectively the background is often less a fairy-tale sight and more some dull, everyday space. However, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be interesting either way. Find a silly picture on a wall, go to a park, or just make a pyramid of stuffed animals, and bring some soul into that photo.

4. Your looks (duh!)

The thing with photos is that they don’t always show what your eyes see. Therefore, you need to help them a bit, and accentuating your eyes and lips is usually the way to go. Find some good fake eyelashes, do that sharp contour that you like, don’t be afraid of adding a bit of extra pigment to your lips, and do your hair the way you like it best. You’ll have fun, and your selfie will look fabulous!

Perfect selfie time: minimal effort for maximum result

5. Action

At this point, you need to remember one thing: your face is not particularly interesting to people in general, no matter how pretty it is. However, the things you do will never fail to attract attention (because humans are such gossipy little things), so make sure that there is some action going on in the background. It can be really anything, from taking a selfie while walking down the street, with that old lady wearing an impossibly huge hat, to simply shopping for some new summer dresses. Show your followers your skiing trip, the pain of redecorating your room, or the agony of waiting at the dentists. People want to know what’s happening in your life, so your selfie will be all the more interesting.

6. Filters

As controversial as this issue is, it is recommended to use filters whenever you feel you need them. However, don’t overuse them, filters are a helpful tool if utilised in moderation. Don’t like the way colours turned out? Filters. Suddenly spotted a weird dot on your chin? Filters. Want to add something little in the background? Do it, add an emoji or two, it’s all good fun. As long as you don’t make a completely unrecognisable person of yourself, filters are your friends.

So there you have it, six easy ways to improve your selfie game! Even if you follow through with these pieces of advice, well, you may still want to take more than one shot at it, but hopefully not 300 shots. The bottom line is, you need to take just a few small steps to give yourself a head start, and for everything else just enjoy yourself – it’ll show in the picture too!


Jessie is a passionate blogger from Sydney. The two of the aspects she loves writing about are home decor and fitness. She hopes she will deliver some useful tips for her readers.

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