Nine Things Only a Second-Time Mom Understands

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Nine Things Only a Second-Time Mom Understands

Being a parent is hard work, but contrary to all logic and expectations, the more kids you have, the easier your job is. You start to understand and anticipate your kids’ needs and wishes, and you somehow turn into a great ring leader. But, being a mother of two is an interesting experience, since there are things and situations that only a second-time mom understands.

1.New experiences every day

Even though there are situations that make you feel like you’re in a perpetual déjà vu, some things will still surprise you and catch you off-guard. What do you do if your toddler hates the new baby? Who do you go to first when both of them are crying at the same time? Every day will surprise you.

2.You realize that you were actually a crazy first-time mom

Blond mum at the beach with toddler in her lap and placing object on top of eldest child's head

Did you use to disinfect everything that comes in contact with your firstborn? Were you having nightmares about them falling or having a cold? Well, this time around you know how tough babies actually are, and if your first one turned out well without any experience, the second one will be just fine, too.

3.You realize they won’t have the same experience

Little girl playing mum, with her dog in the pram and doll wrapped around her waist

Remember when your first baby came home? Everything was sterile and quiet and perfectly-timed. However, your second child will have to survive coming home to a toddler that’s loud, not so gentle and clean, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Actually, the baby’s not going to mind.  

4.The feeling of giving kids siblings is the best

Siblings happily lying in bed, one being a recently born and the other a toddles

I dare you not to shed a tear or two when you catch your firstborn reading or singing to their little sibling! You’ll understand what a gift you’ve given them both, and you’ll be very proud of your kids.

5.You still get surprised about how many things babies need

If you’ve just stopped taking a huge diaper bag with you everywhere you go with your first kid, we have a surprise for you. Dig it out and get reintroduced. You’ll get dizzy from the number of things that can fit in there. It never fails to amuse how many things a baby needs.

6.You are a pro at saving money

modern mum in s push-bike with a front crate for her two children

Your shopping list for the first one was pages long and you wanted only the best clothes, toys and crib for them. You even used to spend hours browsing through an online bicycle store looking for the best bikes and protective gear, but this time around you already have everything at home. You only have to open your closet and check your attic and garage, and you don’t have to pick up anything from the store but diapers, wet wipes and a couple of onesies. Be proud of how much money you saved, because you’ll need it once they both get older.

7.Sibling rivalry is a war

Ever seen two kids fighting over one crayon? Well, prepare for some real Sparta-style cruelty. There will be tears, bruises, and screams that will almost push you to insanity. But, eventually, they always let things go and do something sweet instead, that makes you super happy that they have each other.

8.Some things go unnoticed

When you had your first, you carefully documented every smile, every sound and every little detail of their toddlerhood. Now that you have two, it’s just not possible to remember that amount of information. Your brain will struggle to remember to feed them both and give them baths, so it’s natural to forget or even miss your second’s first MA-MA. Details just get lost in the sea of other information, but don’t feel guilty at all. That doesn’t mean you love your new baby any less.

9.More confidence

This time around, you know how many diapers you need to change per day, and how little sleep human body actually needs to function. You’ll get much more confident when it comes to making decisions, buying necessities and multitasking, and you’ll realize that raising a kid is not that hard.

You’ll also realize that it’s okay not to be perfect in everything you do! The best thing you can do is love your kids unconditionally, and do what you can, the best you can. If you realize all these things in time, you and your family will be happy, healthy and stress-free.

Olivia Williams Jones

Olivia is psychologist from Brisbane. She is passionate about writing and always inspiring her readers to be clever in their lives.

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