How to peel a mango quickly

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How to peel a mango quickly

In the land of mangos it is expected that we know how to peel mangos better than anyone else in the planet. As a mango lover I must admit that peeling mangos is not easy. It is a job that even the best find tedious to handle. First you need to cut the mango in half and then you need get that lovely juicy mango out of its skin whole or just cut out squares so you can pick out its yummy flesh. Tedious!!

This year however, eating mangos is going to be a fine dinning experience with this nifty trick. This September when mango season arrives you will be eating mangos faster and more efficiently, no mucking around. The quickest way to get that juicy tropical fruit in your plate is with the help of a cup.

Jack Barwick and Pinotechnewbie demonstrate in the video below how you can peel your mango with a nifty trick using a glass mug and a plastic cup.

This is one of my favourite food tricks to date, as I truly love mangos and cannot wait for the mango season to start now.

How to peel a mango quickly using a cup:


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