Scientists have developed a seedless mango

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Scientists have developed a seedless mango 

Not too long ago we ran an article on how to peel a  mango quickly using a cup, scientist have out done this great nifty trick by simply growing a new kind of mango – scientists have developed a seedless mango.

As we all would agree, the best thing about a mango is its sweet, tasty, juicy flesh and the worst part is that massive stone in the middle.

The news that a stone- free mango with all the extra flesh is available out there is the best thing since sliced bread.

The horticulture department of Bihar Agriculture University has develop a seedless mango variety from hybrids of mango varieties Ratna and Alphonso. This new variety is called Sindhu, weighs 200g on average, has a rich, sweet and distinctive flavor when matured, but does have less fiber than other varieties. As I finish typing this sentence my mouth is watering at the thought of one of this seedless mango.

The Sindhu has been trialled across India with success growing in local conditions. Hopefully, it’ll make it all the way across here soon so we can impress our dinner guests.

There will be some people who will lament being denied the pleasure of licking the seed of the fruit. I suspect that those will be a small minority.


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