What penis size or shape is normal?

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What penis size or shape is normal?

What penis size or shape is normal?

Most men wonder if their penis size and shape is normal.

Men’s penis seems to be the defining element in what constitutes being male, the ultimate definition of masculinity. Even in this supposedly liberal century, the aesthetic look of men’s sex-tool has a tremendous effect on their sexual lives.

Though the vast majority of men have more then enough size to perform well as lovers, there’s still to today the masculine obsession that ‘the bigger the better’.

‘I want a small penis!’ said no man EVER.’

When it comes to self-confidence, the thing that troubles most men is penis size. Every man wants to know if his ‘sex-tool’ is good enough or not.

In the hope to relax the vast majority we’ll investigate and try to answer some of most frequently asked penis questions.

What is the average penis size?

A common myth is that the penis size varies by race and age. Everyone has heard the myth that African Americans are supposedly better endowed.
Studies show that this isn’t absolutely true, there may be exceptions, but by far, men across all races fall into the average penis size range of 5 -6 inches (12.7-15.24cms) when erect. With an average thickness of about 3-5 inches (7.5 – 12.5cms)

Age, has no correlation with penis size.
Several studies have shown that there is no difference in penis size between old and young men.

What do women think of penis size?

Believe it or not women don’t really spend a lot of time worrying about penis size. Women worry more about relationship issues and about how they are treated in the relationship. If a woman feels sexually satisfied, feels loved, respected and desired, penis size is secondary. Women value more a man’s personality and personal hygiene much more than his penis size.

The exception to the rule is when women are geared into sexually fulfilling a sex fantasy; to be with a man who is better endowed then the norm. In cases like this the proverb “the bigger the better’ is the fantasy.

What is the ideal shape of a penis?

Penis shape varies greatly between penises. A penis with a bend is very common. The penis is neither a bone nor a muscle. It’s erectile tissue that fills up with blood to get hard, therefore it can take a variation in whether it bends to the left or right or points straight out.

Some penis, have a round head; others look more like a hat or an arrow and even like a mushroom. Some are thicker on the shaft others at the top. Penis shapes come in a numerous range and all are normal. The simile of a box of chocolate comes to mind. In the greater scheme of things the universe didn’t want us to get bored.
Just as there are various shapes of breast so are there penis shapes.

What does a ‘normal’ penis look like?

There is a lot of pressure on man to measure up to the penis representation by the porn industry. What you see in the porn movies is not a true representation of the real world; most actors are freaks of nature and the minority.

Normal penis in the real world has a range of looks. Just as we all look different from each other so do penis from each other.

Penis can vary in a numerous ways; shape, colour, size. Some have protruding veins, others don’t. Some man are circumcised and others not and some man like to decorate their penis with piercings or even tattoos. With these numerous differences penis can only be different from each other. Normal is then variety!

Is my penis size too small or too big?

The size and shape of a penis has nothing to do with your success in sexually satisfying a woman. Vaginas are amazing things that are capable of stretching to accommodate what is placed inside it. This means that it will wrap around whatever the penis size. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a long penis or to thrust deep to give women pleasure.

It is the motion that will stimulate a woman to orgasm. What is more interesting is that the pleasure nerves are only located on the outer one third of the vagina – any deeper and a woman will not feel it anyway. More still, the vast majority of the pleasure nerve endings, eight thousand of them to be exact, are in the clitoris, which is a big hint where you should be spending time on if you wish to impress your lady.

If you’re big and the envy of your male counterpart, thing to remember is that you need to start slow and let the woman get used to your big package and once she’s warmed up, away you go and have fun.

Know how to manipulate the situation to your advantage.

Don’t worry about the size and the way your penis looks too much, but do work on your moves and art of lovemaking – it’s all about technique.

Women will not even remember what your junk looks like as long as, the experience you left them with was mind blowing. It’s not the size of the tool but what you do with it that really counts.

At times it is hard to walk way from perception that a big penis translates to better sex. Visually, a big penis has the desired effect for a lot of women but with a little bit of skill and smarts you could avoid this by giving her oral and drive her wild with desire, till all she wants is to be taken and the last thing in her mind is the size of your penis.

Here are some stats about penis; women seem to prefer man with average penis size, 5-7 inch, as results show in the Australian Sex Census.

One only can conclude then that ‘Variety is the spice of life’.
Remember size doesn’t determine success, unless you work in the porn industry, which makes it then a prerequisite. When it comes to penis size, size does matter, to some women but not all women.

Hang on in there and love your man junk because there’ll be a lady out there who will be your perfect fit. Meanwhile play your cards well and be the best lover you can be. Stop stressing and start having fun.


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